Garage Door Broken? Common Garage Door Problems for Homeowners

Garage Door Broken

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Is your garage door broken? You’ve come to the right place.

Having a broken garage door is an annoying, but all too common problem for homeowners. These days, most garage doors are fully electric, which is great for convenience, but harder when it comes to diagnosing problems.

In this post, we’ll try and shine some light on your garage door woes by telling you some of the more common garage door problems that tend to arise. The better you understand what might be happening mechanically, the easier it’ll be to fix your door and make your life easier.

Noisy Garage Door

When you’ve got a noisy garage door that cracks, pops, and creaks, it’ll start to sound like the whole mechanism is going to rip apart. While this probably isn’t the case, if left like this for too long, big problems will start to arise.

If the dominant sound is grinding, it’s probably that you need to lubricate or replace the rollers. Check them out and if they look worn out, get some new ones at the hardware store.

Rattling usually means that nuts and bolts need to be tightened on the runners. If it’s a popping noise, the torsion spring may need adjusting or lubricating.

Frozen In Place

If the garage won’t open or it’s opened halfway, then there could be something wrong with the automatic opener. The quick fix could be changing the batteries in the remote or checking the keypad for damage.

The other thing that could be causing this problem is the actual power unit. Check to see if the lights are on or off, then you can try to determine if a circuit breaker has been tripped or if the motor was disconnected from the power unit.


A lot of the time, your sensors are at fault when the garage door gets stuck. You need to make sure that the sensors themselves are as clean as possible because even a small smudge can obstruct the communication.

You also need to ensure that there aren’t any objects in the way, whether it be a tree branch or a trash bag. Anything that tells the sensor that the door will be impeded will prevent it from moving properly.

Opening Unevenly

Your garage door is moving, but doing a shimmy that makes it rise or lower unevenly. This can mean a couple of things: either there’s something stuck in the tracks or there’s something wrong with your torsion spring.

You should clean your runners on a regular basis, but when the torsion springs are delivering unevenly, you’ll want to talk to a professional. If you’re in the Phoenix area with a broken garage door, can help you.

Garage Door Broken? Don’t Wait!

So, is your garage door broken? If you have one of these common problems, now you’ve got a better idea of how to identify and fix it. Don’t wait because the longer you leave these problems, the greater chance your garage door will suffer more damage and require more extensive repairs.

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