High Variance Slots to Try out

High Variance Slots

Last Updated on March 3, 2024 by Saira Farman

Isn’t it mental to think that just a little more than a hundred years ago a particularly inventive Californian engineer called Charles D. Fey was putting the finishing touches on his ground-breaking Liberty Bell slot machine? This was the world’s first commercial slot gambling machine, which is pretty amazing considering the fact that a century onwards slots are absolutely everywhere, and account for a significant portion of global gambling too. Really though, if you have played any of the top-tier online slots developed by the likes of NetEnt, Big Time Gaming or Play N GO it should be no surprise that online slots are so popular. One of the biggest things that attracts gamblers is the flexibility of slots, with slot variance (also known as volatility) being one of the main things here. In particular, are very appealing to high rollers, keep reading for some high variance slots to try out. You can also check the Ahti Casino review.

What does high variance mean? 

First things first, for the gamblers out there who aren’t particularly up-to-scratch on the concept of slot variance and volatility let’s just explore the concept in a bit more detail here. In essence, slot variance is an indicator of how easy or hard it is to win large or small amounts of money on a slot game, with the bet amounts being a crucial factor. 

With high variance slots gamblers can stand to win a lot more money than on low variance slots, however this is only possible through the usage of larger bet amounts. So, if you’re playing a high variance slot you will need to place large bets, and whilst this is financially riskier, it could pay off handsomely. 

Top tips for high variance slots 

Our main tip for playing high variance slots is simply to make sure you have a slots bankroll that is able to support placing high value bets. You wouldn’t believe the number of people who play high variance slots with high bets and have to stop playing after a ridiculously short amount of time because they have ran out of money. 

Unfortunately, if you haven’t got the bankroll to support high variance slot gambling, we would advise holding off for the time being. 

Some of the best high variance slots to try out 

Right then, that’s a bit of high variance slots background out of the way, so now let’s get into a few of our favourite high variance slots to try out:

·         Immortal Romance: This Vampire themed online slot is a bona fide classic from the developer powerhouse Microgaming, known primarily for its enticing and immersive narrative before anything else. As it turns out Immortal Romance is also a high variance slot, so gamblers can get the best of both worlds here.

·         Bonanza: Big Time Gaming blew pretty much the entire online slots industry with Bonanza, mainly because of its use of the exciting new Megaways game mechanic. This slot is also extremely high variance, and there are some massive prizes to win too! 

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