Handy Hints Buying A Ducted Air Conditioning System For Home

Handy Hints Buying A Ducted Air Conditioning System For Home

Last Updated on March 20, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Do you stay in Melbourne? If so, you need an air conditioning system or evaporative coolers for your home to combat the harsh summer climate.

Summers can be extreme in Melbourne. The temperature usually goes over 40℃, making you feel humid and sticky. Whether at home or in your office, carrying out your everyday activities can be very challenging. However, you can consider installing air conditioners to cool your rooms and make yourself comfortable.

An air conditioner provides instant cooling to all your rooms and makes you feel less lethargic. Excess heat can result in sweating and even in excess cases lead to dehydration. Hence, protect your health by using the best air-conditioners available in the market.

You can choose from various air-conditioners like a window AC, split systems, or duct air conditioning system.

Today, let’s learn more about duct air conditioning in Melbourne, its advantages, and the factors you need to consider while purchasing a duct air conditioning system. Let’s begin.

What is a Duct Air Conditioning System?

A duct air conditioning system is a centralised AC setup that can cool your entire home, unlike a window or split AC that only cools a single room at a time. Here, a central unit first cools the air and distributes it to all the rooms via ducts. Also, the duct air conditioning system reverses its function and heats your entire home during winter. In this way, you need not invest more in separate heating and cooling systems; a single unit can heat and cool your home.

What are the Advantages of Duct Air Conditioning System?

The duct air conditioning system has numerous advantages like higher energy efficiency, less noise generation, higher cost-effectiveness, and greater access control.

Let’s understand these advantages in detail.

Energy Efficiency

A duct air conditioning system is easier to set up and control when adjusting the temperature of individual rooms. In this way, you can turn off the heating mechanism of a particular room when it’s not in use, thereby saving energy.

Greater Access Control

Duct air conditioning systems are easier to control from a centralised location. You just need to adjust certain buttons and use the cooling mechanism at your convenience. For example, if one bedroom needs cool air and the dining room doesn’t need to be cooled, you can come out with the particular setting by dividing your room into zones.

Less Noisy

Unlike a split or window AC system, the compressor of a duct AC system is situated far away from the property. In this way, you won’t hear the high noise and can sleep or work peacefully.


If you have a property with more than three bedrooms, installing multiple air conditioners can prove costly in terms of device cost, installation, and maintenance. However, you can reduce the installation and maintenance costs with the right ducted cooling systems available in Melbourne. Also, your property value will increase when you install a duct AC system.

Top Hints to Keep in Mind While Purchasing a Ducted Air Conditioning System

While purchasing a ducted air conditioning system for your home, ensure that you choose the right vents, consider the zones, use proper ducting and control mechanisms.

Let’s understand these hints in detail.

Understand Your Home Plan

Analysing your home plan is the most crucial factor to consider while purchasing a ducted air conditioning system. The duct AC installation varies based on the number of floors in your house, the dimensions of your home, the ceiling height, and the direction of your rooms. These factors determine the cooling effect of your room in summer.

Right Way to Install Vents

Vents of your ducted air conditioning system can be installed either on ceilings or walls. There are two vents: supply vent to send cool air and return duct to send hot air back to the central system. You need to ensure that they are not very close to the window, making air escape.

Use of Control System

You need to analyse if your home needs one control system or multiple control panels. Usually, these control remotes are mounted on the wall. If you have a large house, controlling the temperature using one control panel can be challenging. Hence, you may have to install extra controllers for ease of usage.

Right Ducting

Ducting is a crucial aspect of an air conditioning system. With thermally efficient ducts, energy is not wasted during the heating or the cooling process. While installing the vents, ensure that it follows the Australian ductwork standard, AS 4254. The correct compliance ensures that you get higher quality for the money spent.

Consider the Electricity Supply

A large duct air conditioning system requires a three-phase power supply to run smoothly. If you already have the power connection, installing the AC system won’t be a problem. However, if you don’t have a three-phase power supply, you will have to pay additional charges to install the setup.

Zoning Considerations

Usually, duct air conditioning systems can operate in different zones. Each room is considered a different zone. One can set different temperatures and climate levels for each room based on your convenience. Hence, make a thorough assessment of your zoning requirements based on the size and expanse of your house.


Overall, a ducted air conditioning system is essential to beat the scorching Melbourne heat. Once installed, these systems can even supply warm air during winters. However, you need to keep certain crucial things in mind before installing a duct AC system.

Understand your home plan well and decode the right way to install vents on ceilings or walls. If needed, your home needs to be divided into zones for better climate control. Also, ensure that you get a three-phase electricity supply for the smooth functioning of your duct air conditioning system.

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