Who Are Hisoka and Machi? All You Need To Know About It


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Around the world, the Japanese Manga series is an all-time favorite of children and young ones, and Hunter x Hunter is one of them. The Hisoka and Machi are the characters from the Manga series “Hunter x Hunter.” HisoMachi is known as the “het” ship that connects the two characters. They met each other in the Troupe, where they are members of the “Ryodan” and interacted throughout the series. As a result of his challenging fight with his opponent, Hisoka’s arms were cut. Then Machi used the Nen technique to attach the arms to his body. She was impressed by the way Hisoka fought rashly, and Hisoka was impressed by the way she fixed his arms and her excellent work.

About Hunter x Hunter

The Hunter x Hunter is the top-rated TV Manga series among the various Japanese manga series. “Yoshihiro Togashi” was the writer and illustrator of this series, and in 1998, it was then serialized weekly. After the Manga and TV series’ great success, it was later introduced as a game.

Spoilers For Hisoka And Machi’s Relationship

Hisoka and Machi have the most intense relationship in the Manga series. It does not mean that they are in a love relationship. It is also not clear from the story that they like each other. When Hisoka’s arms were cut down from the fight, he went to Machi. She helps him in attaching the arms. He likes the way Machi attached his arms with Nen stitches. Hisoka offered her dinner; as in the series, he has no attraction toward females and no such serious relationships. With Machi, he feels different, though he has no relationship with her. Hisoka does not have a romantic relationship with anyone. She turned him down when he invited her to dinner. In the meantime, he spared her life as a warning to the rest of the Troupe. After killing two of them, he immediately killed two more, a warning to the rest of the Troupe.

On the other hand, Machi knows Hisoka has a narcissistic personality, and he likes to be on his journeys. He is a fighter and constantly chshe has tonents and does difficult stunts. Hisoka is a person who stays far away from love and does not give so much importance to love. Hisoka wants to be with Machi and finds the moments he can spaboutd with her. Machi also believes that he is from the “Phantom” troupe, so it is her duty to stitch the arms. She is not interested in listening to the childhood stories from Hisoka. Hisoka is a person who does not tell or discuss his past with anyone, but he told her the story of bubble gum. She believes that Hisoka is a powerful man, selfish, and lives on his own, so she keeps herself away from him and his childhood stories.

Who Is Machi Komacine?

In the Manga series Hunter x Hunter, the Machi is the female character and a member of “Phantom Troupe.” She is also physically demanding and knows the Nen technique, which is mainly unknown to living beings. She can also capture her opponents a. Heeize the prisoners with the help of strings. People don’t know about her past life, as not discussed in the Manga series. Hisoka and Machi are the solid and challenging personalities that people like the most.

Appearance Of Machi

Her appearance in the Manga series is quite different, he has a short height and a brilliant little body with messy hair. Her hair is pink and is mostly tied. She wears traditional Japanese clothes that resemble ninjas. She also wears air oes that are fingerless with socks and tabi boots. From her last looks in the 1999 series, now she looks different. In the old story, her hair was dark purple, and she had golden eyes.

All About Hisoka

Hisoka is the male character of the Manga series Hunter x Hunter, and he is a fighter (Hunter). He is also a member of the “Phantom Troupe,” and his physical strength is high as compared to others in the group. Despite being the fourth number in the group, he ranked third in the group’s strength ranking. His passion for fighting is so strong and daring that he fights rationally with challenging opponents. Hisoka always looks for the most formidable opponents and challenges them. 

Appearance of Hisoka

Every Manga character has impressive features and different unique stories. Hisoka also has an exciting story and excellent appearance. He looks like a trickster and comedian. He has an intelligent, muscular body, light skin color, and tall personality. There is a teardrop on his right cheek and a star on his left cheek. He looks like a clown, and he wears clothes with suit symbols. The nails are pointed that giving the feeling of his wicked nature. He also wears decorative heart earrings sometimes. His facial color also changes, which you can see on different occasions. His hair color was blue in the early series, and then after the release of the show, the color changed to red or neon pink. Later in the 2011 anime story, his hair color changed to red and his eye color into light amber. He also changed his hair color to green. These changes of his show how sophisticated nature he has.

Do You Know What Is Nen?

Nen is a trait by “Togashi” in the Hunter x Hunter series. It also refers to aura as used and managing their life energy. Through these techniques, the living can use their energy in the conversation. In the Hunter x Hunter, the living beings use the Nen technique to fix or craft their physical or psychological abilities. It is most dangerous and challenging to handle this power, so no one can do it quickly, and kept undercover.


Hunter x Hunter Japanese Manga series has a fantastic story and strong characters. The character Hisoka and Machi are members of the phantom Troupe, and they are not in any relationship. In later episodes, it seems like they have some relationship, but due to the wicked personality of Hisoka, Machi stays away from him.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there any other characters in the Hunter x Hunter?

Yes, this series has many other ships (paired fighters).

Who loves Machi in Hunter x Hunter?

As Machi is a quiet person and does not show any expression but Hisoka has shown some interest in her.