How to Fight Distractions while Studying for IAS

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It is a famous quote that explains the success or failure is based either on the personal focus or on the personal distractions. We remain amid technology that triggers distraction while studying. Hence, it becomes utmost important for all those who aspire to become civil servants to know how they can fight such distractions that they might face. It is a known fact that Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)-conducted IAS Exam is not a cake walk. When someone sits for an examination like the Civil Services Exam, he/she must be prepared to undergo a strict routine that encompasses discipline, perseverance and diligence. In such a scenario, if one is unable to arrest his/her distracted mind, the cost of one attempt and one year are too much.

Here, you will find some practical tips that you must try while you are studying for UPSC.

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Sources of Distraction while Preparing for UPSC

A study by Harvard Psychologists stated that the minds of the people are the major cause of distraction. More than the external environment, it is our mind that sways away from the present situation into either past or future.

It fits for IAS Exam aspirants as well. The design of the UPSC syllabus is such that it takes a minimum of one year to complete it with proper note-making and revisions. In a span of one year, often it is suggested to study for a minimum of 8-10 hours per day for a year, extending to 12-14 hours near the end of preparation. Hence, it is obvious that a candidate can feel distracted amid such a lengthy preparation.

Apart from the candidates’ thoughts, the other factors that slow down the preparation for the examination are:

  1. Digital Distractions
    1. Social Media
    2. Mobile Applications
  2. Family Distractions
    1. Family Functions
    2. Friends Meet
  3. Emotional Distractions
    1. Peer pressure
    2. Anxiety
    3. Stress
    4. Fear of failure

How to cope with different distractions to crack the IAS Exam?

As mentioned-above, there are types of distractions leading to only one effect; that is prolonged success. Let’s decode one-by-one how to avoid such distractions with practical steps:

  1. To avoid digital distractions:
    1. One must not straightway quit using social media platforms. Instead, one can gradually build in a habit of using less social media.
    2. A candidate should adopt pomodoro technique which is a famous time management technique. It breaks our study routine into intervals of 25 minutes of focussed study with short breaks after each interval.
    3. During study hours, one can switch off their mobile phones and keep them away and resort to only pick them once he/she finishes the first phase of studying.
  2. To avoid family distractions:
    1. Most of the time, parents are often supportive of their children preparing for UPSC. However, if you find yourself in difficult situations, you can have a wise discussion with your family where you share your interests of studying and not getting disturbed.
    2. Friends should always be supportive of your ambitions and hence, you must keep your friends in loop while preparing and inform them of your decision to stay away from parties for a period of time.
    3. A proper communication with your family and friends is the key.
  3. To avoid emotional distractions:
    1. As it all boils down to your thoughts; one must reassure himself/herself why he/she is sitting for such a coveted examination.
    2. Healthy practises like meditation, pursuing a hobby and keeping in touch with positive people will solve most of the problems.

When a candidate decides to prepare for the IAS Examination, he/she must be confident enough to take up this endeavor with full fervour. This is the examination that allows you to get selected for any one of the UPSC Posts which is a dream of many. Most of the IAS Toppers suggest to always remain calm and disciplined to crack the exam in the first attempt itself.

Aspirants who are sitting for UPSC 2021 must revise keeping the above-mentioned techniques in mind. The prelims is going to take place on 27th June 2021 and only 712 vacancies are declared for this year. Hence, competition remains stiff.

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