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How to achieve your fitness goals at a gym

How to achieve your fitness goals at a gym

There are many perks when utilizing a gym facility when trying to achieve your fitness goals. For some, there’s a sense of competition or accountability that accompanies working out at the gym opposed to working out at home. Moreover, workout equipment at the gym usually gives us a larger selection to choose from to achieve our goals. It could seem intimidating with such a wide-range of options especially when one hasn’t yet established a solid workout routine. Here are a few common fitness goals and tips on how to achieve them at the gym.

Goal: Bigger Glutes and Toned Legs

Women often focus on this particular area during workouts in pursuit of a more curvier physique. Bigger glutes can be obtained by engaging in weight lifting exercises that require vigorous lower body training. With building any kind of muscle, regardless of location, a rule of thumb is to do less reps with more weights. This added resistance means that you have to exert more effort while performing an exercise which significantly helps in regards to bulking up. Regular squats only go so far to tone the glutes while using a standing squat bar allows you to add weights to your squats. Additional machines to use include the leg press machine, the hamstring curl machine, the leg extension machine, and the hip abduction machine. As you progress in your goal, you should continue to add more weights to your reps to challenge the muscles.

Goal: Losing Weight & Building Stamina

Losing weight is common fitness goal. With fat loss, cardio is essential. However, to get the most out of your gym time, H.I.I.T. is a great approach. H.I.I.T. or High-Intensity Interval Training is very effective in boosting your overall metabolic rate. This means that you continue burning calories even after your workout. The average person can expect to burn more calories doing 15 minutes of H.I.I.T. than performing 30 minutes of regular cardio. H.I.I.T. exercise consists of alternating between slow pace exercise and fast pace exercise. A H.I.I.T. treadmill workout would look as follows:

Warm up – 1 minute slow pace walking

Sprinting – 30 seconds

Slow Walking – 30 seconds

Sprinting – 30 seconds

Slow Walking – 30 seconds

Alternate for a total of 15-30 minutes.

Goal: 6-Pack Abs

6-Pack abs require a mix of weight training in order to build and tone the abdominal muscles. Also, if you have body fat, then your abs will likely not show up as pronounced. Thus, H.I.I.T. is ideal to do in conjunction with weight training for those who need to reduce their body fat percentage. Rowing machine knee tucks, pull-up bar knee raises, cable machine crunches, and the sit up bench are all effective gym machines one can use to sculpt 6-pack abs.

An individual living in York will most likely go to work-out in a Gym York instead of working out at home.  Striving to achieve any fitness goal requires much effort and dedication. In knowing which gym equipment assists you in attaining your goal most effectively, you’ll be able to receive greater results and see the progress as your body transforms. Don’t forget to wear comfortable slimming shapewear to inspire you to work out regularly.



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