How to Avoid Boom Lift Accident: Pro Tips

Boom lift accidents

Last Updated on October 23, 2022 by Tayyaba Khan

A type of aerial lift known as a boom lift can extend its reach in horizontal and vertical planes. These devices are essential in today’s modern construction and industrial sites. Falls, tip-overs, and electric shocks from hitting power wires are regular boom lift incidents, but with tremendous strength comes significant risk. 

Severe injuries can result from man lift mishaps if operators aren’t trained properly and don’t pay strict attention to safety procedures. Even after maintaining proper safety, if you face accidents, quickly consult a boom lift accident lawyer to avoid legal issues. 

Never exceed the maximum weight

The maximum load on any given boom lift varies by model. One must be aware of and work within these constraints. If the lift’s load exceeds this threshold, it may become top-heavy and collapse. Before using a ride, be sure that the total weight of the operator and any equipment or supplies on the platform does not exceed the maximum allowed by the manufacturer. Another thing to remember is that the boom lift is not meant to be used for lifting extensive materials.

Level ground operation

Since boom lifts may stretch to great heights, they are quickly unstable when used. To ensure the safety of the operator and others around them, it is essential to ensure the boom lift is being operated on level ground and has a sturdy foundation. The base of the boom lift may be made more stable by using the brakes.

Properly maneuver the lift

The operator may learn more about the boom lift’s controls, as well as when it is and isn’t safe to operate the ride while it is extended, by reading the handbook provided by the manufacturer. But it is recommended that you not relocate the lift this way unless necessary. 

To avoid the risk of injury, a lift should only be moved in its fully extended position when essential or as instructed by the lift’s manufacturer. If this isn’t possible, you must shorten the boom lift, relocate it, and then lengthen it to its new location.

Try not to perch or sit on the apex

One’s natural inclination when working from a boom lift’s platform is to use the platform’s edge to reach an object rather than repositioning the entire boom lift. But this is riskier than most people think. Anyone who climbs or sits on the platform’s edge significantly increases their risk of slipping off and suffering catastrophic harm. You should alert the boom lift operator if you need to reach an item that is out of reach and then work together to move the platform to a safe position from which you can do this.

Maintain a distinct center and border.

While operating a boom lift, the area surrounding the machine and its base must be free of people at all times. Lift platforms often have a wide arc, making it easy for heavy tools to topple and cause catastrophic injury to anybody standing below. The potential for damage to those below can be reduced by clearing the area thoroughly.

While it does not happen often, boom lifts can potentially go over. If the boom lift topples over, it will be much safer if the space under and surrounding it is clear.

Put on your safety belt

Putting on a harness and double checking that the lanyard is fastened securely to the bucket are two easy but crucial safety precautions. Although it’s not expected that an operator will fall off the platform, even the slightest bump from some other equipment or item might cause the operator to lose their balance and tumble. If someone were knocked down or blown off the platform by even a moderate windstorm, they would likely sustain terrible injuries.

Employ qualified lift mechanics

You may protect yourself and your coworkers from harm when using a boom lift if you hire people who have received adequate training to operate such machines and remain current with any necessary safety certificates and information. Hands-on exercises designed to gauge an applicant’s familiarity with a lift are one way to spot issues and fix them before they cause harm on the job.

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