How to Choose a Freight Forwarding Service


Last Updated on February 14, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Like choosing the right supplier, an accountant, or vendor, selecting the right freight forwarder is crucial for successful international freight forwarding and transportation. You need a trusted freight forwarder to help your business succeed. The world is fast-changing, and most people rely on supply chain optimization, cost efficiency, and consistency in service delivery. Therefore, you need some reliable company to help you deliver your goods at the preferred destination efficiently. And there are hundreds of LTL freight companies on Shiply just waiting, ready to bid fast and accurate prices to meet your purpose.


Following are some tips when choosing the freight forwarding service.

Understand internal requirements

You need to be clear on the quantity of goods or items you want shipped or transported. The volume and how bulky they are will help determine the size of the ship or container you go for. Before you call a forwarder, ensure you have that information with you and clarify this with the company before you invite them. That will help them determine the approximate cost, and therefore you can budget on that figure.

Find out more about the industry.

It’s essential that you research the forwarder and what they can/cannot do for you. Get to know also what you’re responsible for and your role. Get more information by reading articles like the one you’re reading read about international treaties and any other thing required in your shipment.

Can the freight company handle multiple shipments?

You may want to do ocean freight from China and at the same time import through air freight or RORO from Vietnam or Dubai. You need to know how the company is experienced in all these modes of transport. Do not just trust their stories; they should show you evidence of other clients they have dealt with both locally and internationally.

What experience does the company have?

One of the best ways of determining a reliable shipping company from the rest is the number of years they’ve been in business. A reputable company must have been in business for not less than seven years and handled all nature of freight shipments. The more the years, the more experienced they are. You also need to find out if they have dealt with a similar shipment assignment as yours. If you get someone who has no experience, you’re taking a significant risk, and the chances are that you’ll get stuck midway.

The equipment

Does the company have its vehicles, containers, ships or and other necessary freight equipment? 

If a company has its equipment like Rodi Cargo, you’re sure they will deliver quality services without delays. Again, their cost will be much lower compared to a company that hires equipment. The quality of the transportation equipment will determine how safe your items are while on the move.

Is the company a member of any trade organizations?

To join a reputable freight-forwarding organization like WCA, you must have good financial strength, integrity, and operation efficiency. If a shipment company is a member of some of these organizations, then you can be sure they can handle your items with care and deliver efficiently and safely.

When looking for a freight forwarding company, your priority should not cost alone. The reputation of the company is the key. You’d better pay higher for a reliable company than choosing a cheap one that will frustrate you.