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Introduction: What is the IB Programme?

The IB is a program with courses in six different subject areas that examines the skills and knowledge that will help students develop into globally-minded leaders.

The IB (International Baccalaureate) Programme is an international educational programme with courses in six different subject areas: English, mathematics, science, humanities, languages and social sciences. It was founded in 1968 and is recognized by over 1 000 schools worldwide.

Students who wish to study at university or college level in some countries must complete the full IB Diploma Programme (DP). However, this is not always necessary as universities or colleges may accept students from other national examination systems, provided their grades are good enough.

Course Overview and Format of the IB Programme

The IB Diploma Programme is an internationally recognized qualification for students aged 16-19. It provides a broad and balanced curriculum to prepare students for success at university and beyond.

The course is divided into six subject groups:

Language Acquisition

Language & Literature

Individuals & Societies



The Arts

Each subject group has its own General Paper, Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge, Creativity, Action & Service (CAS) requirements.

What are the Advantages of Being on the IB Programme?

International Baccalaureate (IB) is a curriculum that is designed for the development of the student as a learner, inquirer and communicator. The programme provides students with skills and knowledge to be “ready for life”.

The IB programme provides opportunities for students to be exposed to studies in six core subject areas: English, Mathematics, Science, History/Geography, Language A1 and Language A2. It also offers programmes of study in two languages other than English. Students are encouraged to explore their own interests through Creative Arts or Sports programmes.

Students are required to take theory of knowledge course which will help them explore questions regarding truth and justice. They are also expected to complete an extended essay which encourages them to explore different perspectives on an issue.

Applying for an IB Certificate Exam Course with a Local Education Body (KEYWORDS: local education body contact list, find out if my school offers an English as a second language course)

The IB Certificate is a qualification that offers an international perspective to students. There are over 1,700 schools that offer the IB program worldwide.

To find out if your local education body provides the IB Certificate, you can contact them directly and ask them for more information about what they offer. If they don’t provide this certification, you can contact another local education body nearby to find out if they do.

Conclusion and final thoughts about IB tutors in Hong Kong.

IB tutors seem to be the future of education. They are already used in many school districts in the US. The recent development of AI tutors has caused a lot of discussions about how they will affect education and learning.

Some people believe that AI tutors will not replace human teachers but instead they will be the new trend in learning.