How to Make Your 2-BHK Flat Seem like a 3-BHK?

2-BHK Flat

Last Updated on January 31, 2022 by azamqasim

If you are living in a small living space, a studio apartment, or a 2-BHK flat, there are many ways that you can get more out of your compact apartment. Wondering how? Here are some small space design ideas that you can incorporate and multi-purpose each room in the best way possible.

You can use these tips to use every square foot of space and add more appeal to your flat for sale in Thane and impress prospective buyers. So, let’s start:

Use Mirrors and Glass

Glass and mirror surfaces make the spaces look bigger as they reflect light. You can hang mirrors on the walls, use glass-topped tables rather than going for solid wood. Also, you can paint your walls in bright and light shades. Furthermore, there’s also an option of using shelves and display units with a glass front.

Use Vertical Items

You need to think vertically. Whether it is placing furniture, art, 2-BHK Flat or display shelves even, see that you use all the vertical spaces. Do not let any of them go to waste. When you use tall shelves or artwork/pictures, they make the onlooker draw their eyes up. This makes space look more expansive than it actually is.

Furthermore, using a full-length balcony and curtains make the room look bigger. Try handing the curtains from the ceiling rather than from the top of the window. This will add height to the room.

Put Away Stuff When Not Using Them

There are many furniture designs available now that are 2-BHK Flat foldable or expandable. Sofas and settees come with hidden storage. There are tables and chairs that you can fold after use. This kind of furniture can be used, folded, and then put away. It saves space and makes the room look neater. Multi-purpose furniture has become quite popular nowadays. They go well with small living spaces and add a very smart and chic look to the interior.

Replace Doors and Walls

Here is another interesting tip. You can replace doors with sliding walls or partitions only. This lets your space breathe. You can also completely break down the walls and then use the space as multipurpose rooms having some kind of light partitions. Moreover, another option is to use glass walls to separate the spaces without dividing the room.

All of these will help you in making space look bigger than it actually is giving the illusion of more space.

Smart Use of Space

The kids’ room is usually small. But you certainly would not want to compromise 2-BHK Flat on the essentials right. To ensure that the beds don’t take up all the room and they have some space left to play or have their desk and chair in the room, consider getting mid-sleepers that come with in-built beds. Also, you can pull-out study desks, a rack for books/toys, and cupboards.

If there is not enough room for placing a mid-sleeper in the room, you can get bunk beds. These are great for saving space. And you can use the rest of the space for shelves, desk, and chair.

Smart Usage of Space

You can use unused spaces and convert them into cozy corners for reading, working, or just relaxing. It can be an alcove, a corner of the living room, and the end of the corridor. You just have to get creative. Even a small or awkwardly-shaped space can be made functional. You can use a corner table with a chair and a wall shelf. This can be used as a reading spot or a cozy work corner.

Work on the Bedroom

Your bedroom is your haven. This is where you want to unwind and relax at the end of the day. So, you have to make sure that it is not overwhelming and filled to the brim with stuff. It should make you feel peaceful and energised. The best tip for that is to use low-lying furniture that is under 2-feet. Use floor cushions or even futon floor loungers. The lower your furniture, the higher the ceilings shall appear to be.

You can also use a sofa bed instead of a regular bed. This can be converted into a bed when you want and then turned back into a sofa. This will also make the room look neat. Or you can use this in the lounge to make up extra sleeping space when you have guests over.You can try out these tips in your own flat or the 2 BHK flat for sale in Thane West and see for yourself how it will attract buyers like a moth to a flame as functional spaces are all the rage nowadays.