How to Pass AWS Certification Exams First Time in 5 steps

How to Pass AWS Certification Exams First Time in 5 steps

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An IT professional who has passed one or more Amazon Web Services certification exams has demonstrated a specific level of expertise in the Amazon Web Services cloud. It is possible for IT professionals to show and validate their technical cloud skills with AWS certifications. AWS credentials are available for a variety of positions, including cloud engineers, administrators, and architects. AWS certifications expire after three years, although IT professionals can recertify for the same AWS certifications they previously held. It is possible to take the tests in any of hundreds of testing centres located across the world.

In this post, I’ll walk you through the five steps of preparation that you should go through:

  1. Practice (hands-on)
  2. Training (on-demand online videos)
  3. Theory (reading)
  4. Practice questions
  5. Taking the exam

The Examination Preparation Process

Most associate-level exams are not very difficult, and there are several high-quality resources available to assist you in preparing for your examination. There is a high probability that the great majority of people who take these examinations already have a basic understanding of information technology. In your first few weeks of learning about virtualization, you may find it difficult to discern between a block and an object store, or between an operating system and a virtual machine.

In relation to the examination

The test consists of 65 multiple-choice questions with a time restriction of 130 minutes. In order to be declared successful on the test, you must receive 720 points out of a potential 1000 points. Question types such as multiple-choice and multiple-response are incorporated in the exam’s question format (two correct responses from five options).

Practically all questions have been scenario-based since the new exam format was implemented in 2020. The bulk of instances are only a few lines in length, and they are all straightforward. AWS Solutions Architect Associate test questions frequently feature many correct solutions, and you must pick the one that is most appropriate for the particular case in issue. There are a range of options accessible, ranging from the most secure and cost-effective to the best and most straightforward.

Some recommendations for achieving success on the AWS certification tests are provided below.

Practise what you’ve learned.

Making mistakes while learning a new technology is an important part of the learning process. Don’t be concerned if you don’t work for Amazon Web Services. In spite of the fact that I have no real-world experience with the technology I’m studying, and I’m sure many others have done the same, I’ve passed a number of examinations.

 Online video-based instruction through the use of the internet

The use of video-based training online is a terrific choice for anyone seeking educational opportunities. Many good AWS certification programmes are accessible online, allowing you to study at your own speed while remaining relaxed. With video, you have access to a competent and experienced instructor who can guide you through the technologies and offer you with exam-passing tips.

 Prove a theorem

Due to the fact that there is no alternative to theory and substantial reading, some people find this portion dull. It is preferable for me to have some hands-on experience with a new technology before delving into the theory behind it (and keep it interesting). As you gain more knowledge, it is critical that you continue to practise – that is, put what you have learned into action – lest you forget what you have learned by Sprintzeal.

Evaluating yourself

Practice questions are one of the most effective methods of studying for and evaluating your exam preparation. By completing high-quality practise questions that are similar to the situations you may encounter on the test, you can identify your areas of weakness.

Preparation for the Exam – Last Words of Advice 

As a general rule, I never sign up for an IT certification test until I am well prepared to take it. Before you may consider booking, you must have answered properly at least 80-90 percent of the practise questions you have taken. Inevitably, there will be technologies on the day of the exam that you didn’t have enough time to learn about throughout your training.