How to successfully rebrand in 2023


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Your company brand is more than just an attractive picture or a catchy name. A brand is the foundation of your company, which will help you keep your place under the sun among your competitors! A brand is used to write a success story and build a reputation.

What about rebranding? Rebranding is a change in a company’s image. You need it to move in a new direction. You start from the foundation of your business and try to look at the world differently, trying to reflect all these changes in the image of your company.

Why rebranding?

Rebranding can be done in absolutely any situation. There are many benefits to this tool, but most often rebranding is needed if a company:

  • Has ruined its reputation and wants everyone to forget about it.
  • Expanded the range with completely new products and services.
  • Intends to reach a new audience (for example, schoolchildren or pensioners).
  • Changed the owner, and the employees in a meeting with the director demanding a change.
  • Merged with another.

For such cases, and need to be rebranded. One important thing to remember: it is not about refreshing the “dusty” logo in the style of the 90s or finally making a modern website.

How to rebrand in 2022: tips?

So, what is the essence of rebranding? How to rebrand in 2022? Let’s go through the process step by step. Let’s look at each step in more detail.

Observing Your Behavior

To understand yourself, as psychologists say, is to solve half the problem. In our case, this is exactly what is needed, so answer the following questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • What merits do you want to be known for?
  • Why do you decide to rebrand now?

And before you take a bag of money to a fashion designer, think: What do you want to see in the end? What outcome will benefit your business?

Again, the question is: Do you need a fashion designer and hired marketing consultants that much? Of course, if you own a huge corporation, there’s no way you can do this kind of work alone. On the other hand, if you are not bad in marketing, then the rebranding you are sure to do.

Customer Watching

Never forget about your customers. Think about it: do they even like your brand and identity? And do you want to keep those customers by all means, or are you planning to reach a new audience? Do you know your customers, can you divide them into groups and draw a rough portrait of a typical customer?

Start with a survey, remembering to break down customers by age, gender, and other characteristics. Find out exactly what they think of your brand if they like your products, and what they know about the company’s history. Reviews and focus groups are great for gathering information. You’ll analyze it all and figure out how to tailor it exactly to your customers’ needs.

The main differences between the company and its competitors

Think about what makes your products and services so unique. Is your UTP unique? If so, take uniqueness to heart. For example, are you proud of the fact that you make top-notch products, perfected to perfection? Or are your products affordable to everyone?

Remember, you are not a bag of money to please everyone. It’s much more important to find your place and occupy it, pleasing your customers.

Squeeze the essence out of your entire business and articulate it in a few words. How are you better than everyone else? Research the market if you don’t understand it because you can’t go far without understanding the market.

Create a list of promotional materials

Make a detailed list of everything that needs to be rebranded. This includes:

  • banners;
  • information on the site;
  • flyers;
  • flyers;
  • business cards;
  • other handouts.

Promotional materials are customer touchpoints. It’s what clients learn about you in the first place.

Employee Opinion

Your ship called “rebranding strategy” will only sink if you forget about who? That’s right, your team, those who work for you, every day helping your business to stay afloat with confidence.

Not all employees may like the new logo. What if employees think the new logo looks bad? And you won’t know unless you ask them yourself. You can put up an anonymous box – that way you’ll know exactly what they think.

Demonstrating the change to the general public

Don’t drag out the process. Everyone should know right away that you’ve changed the brand. Gradual changes will only confuse customers, who will look for familiar names, fail to find them, and become frustrated.

Your rebranding is the perfect, most opportune moment for PR. What better way to attract customers? If customers love sending emails from you, pay attention and give them a heads up about the change – that kind of care will melt their hearts.

Analyzing people’s reactions

You’ve told everyone that your logo now has half as many unnecessary details, and you think that’s it? No! The work isn’t over yet. Now you need to find out how people have accepted your changes. How has it all impacted your business in the long run? You can gather this information in a variety of ways, using both in-person surveys and online research.


Rebranding is not easy and challenging, but it is also a new, invigorating, and exciting stage in the development of your company. If you do it correctly, you will be able to retain existing customers and attract many new ones! If you decide to do rebranding, use the Turbologo logo generator.

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