Here’s Your Takeaway From Installing Outdoor Blinds At Your Property

Here's Your Takeaway From Installing Outdoor Blinds At Your Property
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Last Updated on August 5, 2022 by rida

When it comes to choosing blinds, outdoor blinds are one of the most sharp-witted investments. It not only provides shelter but also increases the aesthetic appeal. Phantom Screens provide the ideal outdoor blind solution. It offers patio blinds, PVC blinds, and alfresco blinds on your property outdoor blinds in Adelaide.

When we think about outdoor blinds in Adelaide we want someone who produces innovative products to meet customer preferences and needs. Phantom Screens has shown tremendous hard work to build a network of exclusive distributors throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

Following are the type of  outdoor blinds based on your needs and how they can help you

PVC Blinds

Pulleys, strings, and other mechanisms block the view of your lush garden. PVC Blinds are installed directly on the exterior walls of the house. As they are both stylish and durable, they ensure protection from bad weather as it is. PVC Blinds is for you if you want an unobstructed or beautiful view of your backyard or garden.

Cafe Blinds

Cafe Blinds are transparent blinds that allow you to cherish your outdoor view or outdoor time without having to worry about the weather condition, irrespective of any weather you can easily sit outside. They are also referred to as bistro blinds.

Motorised Roller blinds

Outdoor spaces provide natural sunlight but sometimes the heat from the sun is unbearable and you need a little calmness. Motorized shade blinds synchronize the amount of sunlight entering the house, both in your indoor and patio spaces. 

Auto-lock Outdoor Blinds

Auto-lock outdoor blinds are easily adjustable and help control the number of openings in your space. The auto-lock feature ensures everything is secured in place and can be regulated from anywhere. This setting brings in a sophistical and highly functional vibe.

Gear Tensioned Outdoor Blinds

Retractable awnings are one such example of gear tensioned outdoor blinds, Installing them can ensure a flexible window treatment to your outdoor patio. Retractable awnings are extremely dynamic such that they can be implemented to enjoy lazy sunny weather or cover up entirely to ensure privacy.

External Venetian Blinds

External Venetian Blinds are directly installed to the windows to block out 100% light or harmful UV rays.  They are handy in maintaining the privacy and are often referred to as external timber blinds.

Why outdoor blinds are needed

There are various reasons to install outdoor blinds such as protection from unnecessary elements, increasing the need for privacy, enhancing the aesthetic appeal, to bring in versatility around your house, it also helps maximize space,  most outdoor blinds are energy efficient and helps to cut down bills, motorized or automatic both types of blinds are easy to use. 


Although there are numerous outdoor blinds available in the market, it is essential to figure out the need for blinds before selecting them. Outdoor blinds protect from extreme weather conditions and it also adds property value and attracts potential buyers. Making a list of your requirements for blinds can help save your pocket later. 

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