Is Dry Cleaning Worth the Cost? (The Answer Is Absolutely)

Is Dry Cleaning Worth the Cost? (The Answer Is Absolutely)

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Did the washing machine destroy your favorite leather jacket or silk scarf?

The items above are only two types of clothing that require dry cleaning. Those suede shoes for the holidays won’t survive the dryer, either. Even denim needs dry cleaning despite popular belief.

Yet, when was the last time you dry cleaned your favorite pair of jeans?

Learn why dry cleaning is actually worth the cost.

Preserve Heirloom Clothing

Did you inherit a late loved one’s vintage sweater or dress?

Washing and drying vintage clothes as normal hastens wear and tear. Worse yet, harsh cycles can fade vibrant retro dyes.

Instead, explore various dry cleaning services for your favorite heirloom items. This cleaning method helps old fabrics last longer. Family members holding estate sales should also dry clean items before selling.

Vintage clothing sellers should also take this approach to their own inventory. Even the smallest damage can slash the value in half. In fact, you could take newly donated or acquired retro items directly to your dry cleaner before hand washing.

Dry Cleaning Works for All Fabrics

So, what is dry cleaning anyway? How does dry cleaning work exactly?

Believe it or not, this service isn’t exclusive to specific fabrics like rayon and linen. You can dry clean any fabric. Even better, your favorite hoodie will feel softer than before!

Unlike your typical laundry load, dry cleaning doesn’t use regular detergent and water. Instead, professional dry cleaners use special solvents.

Yet, the term “dry clean” is a bit of a misnomer since the clothes do get wet. However, dry cleaning solvents dry much quicker than regular water. Plus, clothing fibers don’t swell with water, causing shrinkage.

If you don’t want your favorite band t-shirt to shrink anymore, you can always take it to the local dry cleaners instead.

You don’t have to reserve dry cleaning for nice items or favorite clothes either. Dry cleaning is better at removing tough stains than regular washers and dryers. Thus, those oily, dirty work clothes could use a trip to the cleaners.

Fast Dry Cleaning for Last-Minute Events

Do you have to go to a formal event at the last minute?

Throwing your one suit or dress in the wash may be more trouble than it’s worth. Instead, take advantage of same-day dry cleaning services. These services also restore the original shape of your suits, helping them fit perfectly.

Most dry cleaners offer same-day services. Even better, you can book dry cleaning instantly if the cleaner has its own app.

Professional dry cleaners also steam and press clothes after cleaning, which is perfect for weddings, conventions, and corporate meetings.

Don’t forget to take advantage of any discounts and specials.

Are Your Garments Sparkly Clean?

Don’t risk ruining your favorite outfits and heirloom belongings.

Save money with the benefits of dry cleaning. Help your clothes last longer, feel softer, and look brighter. Dry cleaners are also available for advice.

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