How Can Virtual Phone System Help Large Business Organizations in Monitoring their Company & Branch Offices

Virtual Phone System

Last Updated on March 17, 2024 by Umer Malik

One of the reasons why many companies have worldwide adopted the virtual phone system is because of the features and call managing flexibility it provides. It has reduced much stress of office workers running from one desk to another to receive calls, using the old dark caller ID and retrieving numbers, then using the AVR (Automatic Voice Recording) system and trying to trace back the important phone number or caller details, but missing it because of full storage, inability to respond to missed calls, and much more. So, companies switched to the virtual phone system and it has also helped their branch offices to have effective communication and no delays in reporting any event or issues related to the company or branch office. 

How to Call Analytics Work & Help in Monitoring

So, if you have a large business organization and also have branch offices and need to keep a monitor over the work, then one of the best ways is to switch to the virtual phone system. Let me now explain how it can help. For instance, you have 2 branches of your company, one in state A and the other in state B. But you do not get sufficient details about the incoming business calls or issues related to the products or your company services or business, or you want to know about the call system & bills, so you can switch to the call analytics feature of the virtual phone system, and with just one call to your branch offices, the employees can send it in your e-mail ID. And sometimes, you don’t even need to call, you can just provide the e-mail ID and it will be sent on your e-mail. 

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Call Analytics Feature Details

This way you can keep a record of all your company calls, to help you know about the consumers who called, issues addressed, and whether the issues were properly solved by the employees. So, you should always choose a good virtual phone system provider like Talkroute alternatives. In the call analytics feature, you can get full details of the calls like time of the calls, caller name, AVR of the call, which employee received the call, and much more. Some other good feature is like the auto-attendant feature where there is an automatic receptionist attending the calls and responding to queries and product or service related details including directing calls to executives and it is software.  

Cloud-Based Virtual Phone System

Now, virtual phone system comes in different types like you can get a PBX system, or PSTN system (in which you don’t need an internet connection), and VoIP system. The virtual phone system is a cloud-based system where all the data gets stored in the cloud and you also need to have an ID to retrieve the data and store it which you will have in the virtual phone system. You can use the virtual phone system on android devices, tabs, PC and laptops. Other important features of the virtual phone system are toll-free numbers, number porting, {call forwarding, call split, call routing (all 3 are different)}, SMS, call queues, music on hold, and much more. Also, the virtual phone system is affordable. 

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