Mailroom and Dispatch by PackageX: How Do They Benefit Your Business?


Last Updated on February 13, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

In many organizations, the mailroom is a chaotic department, flooded with packages and envelopes and the hubbub of activity is constant. Diverse factors drain resources, including staff, time, and cost. Could mailroom problems be at the root of many of your company’s problems?

Mailroom inefficiencies can negatively impact many aspects of your business, including your relationships with clients, partners, and vendors. If only your documents were processed instantly upon receipt and you could access important documents immediately upon receipt, imagine the kind of improvements you could accomplish!

By using a mailroom management  software, one not only imparts calmer surroundings but also enhances business procedures, services, and reputation.

It involves more than simply scanning incoming mail to digitize your mailroom. It requires a multi-channel, intelligent approach to information management. Mailroom services aren’t usually considered when improving a workplace by package managers. Unknown to the fact that everyone in the organization relies on this aspect of workplace operations.

If your mailroom challenges seem insurmountable at this time, PackageX can provide a simple solution: outsourcing. 

Exceptional Features Offered by PackageX Products

Do you know what you can gain by adopting a digital mailroom?

Optical Character Recognition

A digital platform enables the recognition, classification, and extraction of all documents, whether structured or unstructured, electronic, or paper-based.

Using AI-based OCR, it can recognize all types of documents and automatically extract pertinent information. Using automation, the relevant data is transferred directly into downstream business processes. Consequently, Mailroom by PackageX uses OCR when scanning packages to identify recipients.

It works by searching label text and matching names with recipients using its depository. By linking the package with the recipient, the system sends an email or text message to notify them. The system can scan up to 50 packages at a time.

Such technology can also be used to generate automated alerts and notifications of inbound freight status and problems.

Return on Investment

Mailroom by PackageX will provide the most value for your money. Discover how Mailroom by PackageX increases your profitability and how quickly your investment can be recouped.

Image-Rich Notifications

Mailroom operators can use images to show the condition of packages when they notify recipients, thereby reducing personal risks. In addition, Mailroom by PackageX lets you attach up to six photographs.

An Integrated System

Inefficiencies currently hinder a package management system in processing packages, inadequate storage facilities, and delays in package pickup.

Mailroom by PackageX provides a modular integration into manual systems for owners and suppliers of smart parcel lockers. PackageX replaces manual parcel pickup from lockers with a self-serve experience. The app facilitates the data entry process by utilizing an intelligent smart locker solution powered by AI. This scanner is capable of scanning barcodes, QR codes, and even handwritten notes.

With parcel lockers, it is possible to get visibility into the lifecycle of each package that is sent and received.

Package management should be approached holistically to ensure everyone involved has a rewarding outcome.

Guaranteed delivery

If you are using parcel lockers with manual data entry process, then you need to automate the process right away. PackageX provides parcel locker integration and eliminates manual data entry providing fully self-service pickup.

Instant Address Verification

A free address verification tool is provided by Dispatch by PackageX for you to verify a customer’s address. By offering an innovative app that offers cheapest same day delivery, it ensures that no mistaken deliveries will occur.

Reporting and analytics

PackageX Mailroom provides a clean, intuitive dashboard for assessing package activity. This program generates reports of day-to-day data.

Packages are also displayed as they are received, picked up, and discarded. This site provides diagrams of carrier breakdowns, a gallery of current packages, and a listing of the most common labels. Graphs can be filtered by date.

While digital mailrooms offer cost savings, the ability to harness data is invaluable in growing a business.

Real-Time Tracking

The software permits all participants of the transaction to always remain informed about the status of the mail by tracking its progress. By setting up the right package management system, you can ensure real-time tracking and transparency to your customers. Inform them whereabouts of their packages at all times once they are shipped. Dispatch by PackageX also allows you to ship packages without labels attached.

Dispatch by PackageX: Why do you need it?

Customers demand reliable, fast, and transparent delivery services, so these should be high on your list of priorities. Smartphones and tablets greatly enhance the ease of tracking orders, enabling businesses to improve their customer service and meet shoppers’ expectations with the right logistics software.

In today’s competitive business world, dispatching has a large role to play. Dispatch by PackageX helps digitalize, track, connect, automate, and optimize all aspects of the delivery process so you can meet higher customer expectations, handle greater order volume, and reduce your costs. All this with the lowest shipping rates! 

Dispatch by PackageX’s same-day shipping service is an excellent method of improving customer satisfaction. Businesses can quickly create package labels for the growing number of national couriers that offer same-day delivery with an easy-to-use interface.

The Only Potential Solution

Automation and technology can streamline your otherwise tedious mailroom processes to ensure they are minimally intensive.

You’ll find the most advanced SaaS platform for intelligently processing mail and deliveries with Mailroom by PackageX. Information centralized on a cloud service allows for immediate access to important information and maintains compliance with regulations.

It’s not just about digitization. The paper must be converted from a physical format to a digital format the moment it enters an organization. In addition to gaining the attention of environmentally conscious customers, an organization can stay one step ahead of state legislation. Additionally, organizations that reduce their reliance on paper can support larger sustainability and environmental goals.

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