3 Main financial things to check before you buy a new house in 2023

3 Main financial things to check before you buy a new house in 2022

Last Updated on March 22, 2024 by Saira Farman

Investing in a property is a huge decision taken by a person in their lifetime. It requires a lot of planning and commitment and involves multiple challenges at different phases of the property purchase process. The property market in the UK, especially London, is flourishing well in recent years, where people from many parts of the world lay money on different types of properties in the boroughs of this city. Owning a home in the suburbs of London is a dream for millions out there, and the number of home ownerships is only increasing with every passing day. Hunting for the right property for sale in Manchester, Clapham, Battersea, or any part of London is a complex task at hand, and takes a lot of time to finalise on one home. 

Most people invest in buy-to-let properties while others occupy them. The housing market is difficult to predict as it favours the sellers and the buyers at different times of the year for several reasons. People stepping into the property buying venture should make sure to arrange their finances well in advance for a hassle-free process. Financial planning is an important aspect when purchasing a property, and there are many monetary concerns to think of at different points of the property buying journey. People need to start saving for the initial deposits and mortgages even before they begin with their search for new properties. It becomes difficult for them to sort the finances at the last minute, which might cause a delay in the loan procedure.


Purchasing a home, be it a new-build or a pre-owned property, will need an enormous sum of money. Saving up most of the funds for upfront costs like home insurance, estate agent charges, deposits, and mortgages is a crucial step to be taken by the buyers months before planning for a property purchase. This also involves deciding on a budget limitation for the entire project so that buyers can create a long term plan accordingly. Many buyers were affected due to the pandemic-struck economy, where financial hurdles were at their peaks. Buyers can calculate and fix a proper budget for the property they are spending based on their annual income, monthly expenses, property taxes, mortgage repayments and other factors. This will help the buyer understand the different types of costs involved throughout the process and help them save more for the additional costs involved. Narrowing down the buying options based on the person’s budget will speed up the process for them.


People on the lookout for purchasing a property in London prefer home mortgage loans to complete the deal. The primary factor that decides the fate of a buyer’s mortgage loan is the credit score maintained by them. Buyers must maintain low credit scores a few months before beginning to apply for a mortgage pre-approval. This can be done by clearing off the debts and paying the credit card bills on time. When applying for a loan or a mortgage in national banks or from private mortgage lenders, they check for credit history reports to check for the regularity of the buyer. Existing debts might affect the mortgage loan, and lenders would verify the income proofs to know whether the buyer is eligible and can afford the monthly loan repayments. There are other risks involved if the buyer does not have any credit history at all. This will lessen their chances to get qualified for a mortgage.


With hundreds of property dealings that took place in the past few months, several lenders are coming up with exclusive offers for first-time and other buyers. Consulting many lenders and learning more about the interest rates from every lender to pick the best out of all. With the assistance of Manchester Estate agents, buyers can make an estimate of the total worth of their property and accordingly select the lender providing mortgage loans with the lowest interests. Apart from lenders, there are many community banks and unions that grant mortgage loans with exclusive deals. Many government schemes have been introduced recently by the UK government where buyers can avail mortgage loans with a higher LTV of up to 95%, and people can pay a deposit as low as 5%. The economic status might improve further in 2022, where financial constraints will be broken to a great extent. People should know what they want and set realistic goals to succeed in their property buying venture.