Seven Major Mistakes People Commit During Flooring Renovation

Seven Major Mistakes People Commit During Flooring Renovation

Last Updated on February 15, 2024 by Saira Farman

A home renovation project is a profitable and exciting process. But it is an expensive move, too – not just in terms of money but also for the time, effort, and other resources you put in. A new floor project, especially, has to be correctly thought and planned to establish the base for the rest of the home interiors.

The flooring may be one of the tasks that seem to be pretty straightforward, but in reality, it calls for immense experience and skill to do things right. A regular homeowner indeed isn’t equipped with the knowledge or prepared enough for such a task and is bound to err. Here is a list of mistakes that most people make –

Not Understanding the Style of the House

Ideally, the selection for your flooring should be governed by the natural architecture and style of your house and not something you absolutely want to install. However, this is ignored by a significant number of homeowners and even many interior designers. They often end up making their modern-built house look like a traditional farmhouse inside, failing at achieving the dream look miserably.

Picking the Wrong Materials

Not every flooring material can match your lifestyle needs or the overall style of your house. Some may be suitable for pets and children, and some may be great picks for general warmth and comfort. For example, hardwood floors aren’t appropriate for bathrooms, and carpeting certainly not the best in the kitchen. So, don’t consider one single option for all your rooms; select what is suitable.

Buying Low Quality and Cheap Options

Flooring renovation costs are, undoubtedly, the ones that surprise a homeowner the most. Wood floorings are no cheap deal, and so aren’t the laminate flooring options you see in the markets. Hence, many homeowners opt for other inexpensive alternatives to keep the project within the budget. And while this does save a few hundred dollars, it calls for a compromise on the material durability and room décor.

Forgetting to Measure Twice

Whether you plan to install wallpaper in your room or high-quality wood flooring in the living area, one must measure the space twice. But, this isn’t the case with most homeowners. They are rushing the shopping process, and when the actual time comes, it turns out those tiles or wood planks you ordered aren’t enough.

Insisting on Self-Help

It is OK to tackle home improvement projects independently, but flooring installation is best left to professionals. Flooring specialists have the desired experience, training, and tools to do the job efficiently and accurately. So, try not to rely on yourself as little knowledge can prove dangerous, and you may cause more damage than good.

Underestimating the Renovation Budget and Schedule

It can be said from experience that home remodeling takes longer and demands more money than you think. And depending on the size and the materials you use, the budget varies. In case there are unexpected issues, the project can halt, and you may have the contractors in your home for a few extra days. Thus, do not keep unrealistic financial and timeline constraints; you wouldn’t be happy to see subpar results at the end of the day.

Poor Planning and Preparations

Proper planning is essential to streamline the flooring renovation process, and a majority of problems come from those neglecting the same. Inadequate preparations only lead to unfavorable outcomes. Therefore, clean the surface area to be renovated, keep aside the delicate items, detach electronic equipment wirings, and take your pets and young children away. All these are essential steps for a hassle-free and safe completion of the job.