Meet David Capablanca: An Inspirational Financial Trader

David Capablanca

Last Updated on January 9, 2024 by Umer Malik

Due to past losses people experience in financial markets, many avoid taking risks without professional advice. One successful trader of the financial markets based on reviews and experience is David Capablanca— a man who can provide exclusive insight into the world of financial trading.

David is a financial trader and the founder of Friendly Bear Research. Although several financial traders have gained prominence over the years, David stands out due to his infectious personality, witty statements, and intriguing past. Did you know he was originally an architect and turned to financial trading later in his life? David also holds a bachelor’s in design from the University of Florida and a master’s in architecture from UCLA. It was at UCLA that he was chosen to study under Pritzker Prize-winning architect Thom Mayne for a year.

His interest in other fields developed after he graduated from UCLA and realized that the architecture field didn’t pay well enough. “It was going to take me a few more years to become licensed after about seven years of schooling,” David shares. “This was overwhelming, so I decided to educate myself in financial markets by signing up for courses and dedicating myself to mastering the craft the same way I approached architecture school,” he adds.

Apart from that, David also worked at a design firm in Los Angeles for a year and then did some volunteer work in Sumatra, Indonesia. During his time there, he designed and constructed schools for tsunami victims. Though David Capablanca shifted his focus to financial trading in 2016, he aims to return to resume his work in architecture during the latter half of his life. “I love architecture, but I love financial trading too,” he reveals. “I liked the fact that with trading I am more in control of my future and that my performance determines my results.”  

David believes he has emerged stronger than his competitors since he only focuses on his own trading and does not pay heed to competition. This is important because there are infinite levels to trading, and to gain mastery in the profession it is crucial to focus on performing at a higher frequency. “I am constantly reading new books on trading and taking new courses so that I can master the art of financial trading,” he says. “I genuinely love trading and can’t get enough of it.”

David also led the FLGC (Flora Growth) short report as an investigator. The report exposed a pump and dump scam and served as a reference for thousands of traders. Moreover, David is the man behind the Friendly Bear Podcast™, a weekly show where he interviews some of the best traders in the world. Guests such as market insiders, professionals, and unique players in the trading space are also featured on the famous podcast that has produced over 250 episodes. 

According to David, the idea for the podcast was formulated because stories of great traders are likely to inspire others. “When I first moved to Puerto Rico in 2021, I was in a community of great traders and wanted to get to know their stories and learn from them,” he informs. “The idea behind the podcast was to interview the best traders in the world and also introduce an outlet for the bear players of the market to have a voice.”

Sharing some tips for being a financial trader, David reveals that emotions and financial markets correlate. “I have learned to be able to take in information, dissect it and reflect on how the masses are manipulated by it to use that as information for trading,” he stresses. “I have also learned that the more I work on myself, the more I improve as a trader.”

Since the job is performance-based, success is determined by how much David invests in himself in the profession. Since he is highly driven to make it big, he completely dedicates himself to every venture he embarks on. “Greed can hinder your success,” David stresses. “If you put aside this trait of greed and look at the bigger picture, you are more likely to master a craft in just a few years.”

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