Most Common Types of Pedestrian Accidents

Most Common Types of Pedestrian Accidents

Last Updated on March 20, 2024 by Saira Farman

One of the most serious types of vehicle accidents involves pedestrians. They are typically very serious because pedestrians are so vulnerable to moving vehicles and can easily suffer serious injury, even death.

Thousands of pedestrians each year are involved in accidents with vehicles, and more than 300 are killed each year in Canada, according to the Traffic Injury Research Foundation. These accidents occur in many ways, including when pedestrians cross highways, at traffic crossings, and while waiting to cross.

The consequences of these accidents can be devastating, leading to serious injury and death that require the assistance of a pedestrian accident lawyer in Canada. They may be needed to pursue compensation and other payments against the driver responsible for the accident. A driver can be found negligent and responsible for damages in the accident if it is determined that they did not operate the vehicle properly, did not follow traffic laws or in some other way acted negligently to cause the accident.

Children are particularly vulnerable to pedestrian accidents because they are not as visible as adults and often act unpredictably in traffic situations. In these cases, drivers have a special obligation to act responsibly in areas where there are children, such as near playgrounds, bus stops, and schools. In these areas, there are typically special traffic rules that drivers must follow.

Here are some of the common types of pedestrian accidents. 

Distracted Driving

A common cause of pedestrian accidents is from distracted driving. These accidents occur when drivers are doing something other than paying attention to the road, like texting or talking on a phone. These distractions can keep a driver from seeing a pedestrian enter the roadway. It is also possible that a pedestrian is distracted while texting or talking on a phone. They may enter the crossing as traffic is passing through it and without a signal indicating it is safe to cross. 

Left Hand Turns

The process of making a left-hand turn requires a driver to focus on oncoming traffic coming from the right. While watching for the traffic on the right, drivers sometimes do not see pedestrians coming from the left. This can lead to an accident as the pedestrian is crossing and the vehicle is making a left turn.


When a driver is going faster than the speed limit, they run the risk of not being able to stop properly to avoid a pedestrian or another vehicle. There are typically special traffic rules around heavy pedestrian areas, such as in residential areas and retail centers. These slower speed limits that are posted are designed to protect pedestrians and reduce the likelihood of accidents. 

Driving Impaired

Another leading cause of pedestrian accidents is the impairment of drivers, either from alcohol or some other substance. Drivers who are impaired by alcohol, drugs or another substance are more likely not to see a pedestrian entering a crosswalk or may be traveling at a high speed that makes it difficult to slow down sufficiently to allow the pedestrian to safely cross. Just as pedestrians can be distracted and cause an accident with a vehicle, an impaired pedestrian also may not follow safety protocols to properly cross at an intersection. 

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