Multifaceted Entertainer Jason Abrams is Making a Name for Himself on Social Media

Multifaceted Entertainer Jason Abrams is Making a Name for Himself on Social Media

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The advent of social media signaled the arrival of a new age of global connectivity, where people from across the world could learn about each other’s lives and follow the stories of people they might never have the opportunity to meet in person. Some people use social media as a simple tool to keep in touch with their friends, while others use these popular platforms as a means of entertaining a large audience of people with greater ease and freedom than ever before. Film and TV actor Jason Abrams is one such entertainer that has found an unrestricted means of creative expression in social media. Whether it be absurd comedy skits or silly dance trends, Abrams is having a blast building his social media following. 

Standing Out On Social Media

According to Abrams, social media can be a great way to express yourself, establish your image or persona, and stand out among many other aspiring entertainers. When you’re just starting out in this process, it doesn’t hurt to have a recognizable look, such as Abrams’ signature red beard and glasses. Abrams recommends that you take time to discover and develop your own unique style of content that is compatible with modern sensibilities and trends, but with an interesting or original spin.

On Being Yourself

“Be yourself“ is a complicated piece of advice. On the one hand, it’s simply idealistic to assume that the majority of people will resonate strongly with any one person just “being themselves.” That’s just to say that “being yourself” is no guarantee that people will like you. In fact, if you look at many of the actors and influencers that are popular in 2022, many of them seem to have strong public personas that likely do not represent their true lives or personalities. However, most people can see right through a “fake” or “forced” persona. It’s important to find the right balance between authenticity and marketability. 

Some trends are popular for a reason, and you don’t always have to fight against them to be yourself. People don’t want to see the same trends performed in the same way over and over again; sometimes, putting your own unique spin on a popular or familiar trend is exactly what people want.

Having Fun

People can tell when you’re having fun; it’s a contagious feeling, even through a digital medium. Audiences enjoy watching people having a great time, rather than pretending to do so. As Abrams advises, “Don’t get so caught up in putting on a show that you forget to enjoy yourself. If you have fun doing it, people are more likely to have fun watching it.” This is something that Abrams content excels at – you can really feel the passion and excitement that Abrams has for the content he creates. He’s a lively performer with a healthy sense of humor and irony, and this shows in almost every one of his videos. He is a master of awkward energy, harnessing the quirks of his singular personality to create content that is by turns charming and hilariously cringe-inducing.

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