My 2024 Resolutions are Still Holding Up 


Last Updated on March 15, 2024 by Umer Malik

One month into the new year, and my resolutions are still holding up and I’m still going strong! Each year, I, along with millions of others, begin with resolutions. They’re promises of change and self-improvement, yet historically, these promises get broken very quickly. That’s because people tend to give themselves mountains of tasks with only a day to climb said mountain. I’ve realized that to keep my promises to myself, I must give myself small tasks that compile into big achievements! So, here are a few resolutions that I’ve been diligently keeping up. 

A Year Without Alcohol 

One significant resolution I’ve set is to spend the entire year without alcohol. In 2023 I learned from a doctor checkup that I should stop drinking as much alcohol. So, I’ve decided to one-up that suggestion by completely cutting it out; even socially! 

Being a regular occurrence for me, I used to frequently gain a few extra pounds every month just from the alcohol! Committing to a year of sobriety will improve my physical health, and at the end of the year, I may even decide to continue my abstinence. My doctor suggested going to AA meetings, not because of a crippling addiction, but because meeting like-minded individuals would make it an easier task. I’ve had a few instances where I came close when hanging out with friends, but I’ve surprised myself by saying “no” every time! 

Trying a Pescatarian Diet 

Along with my sobriety, I’m changing my diet. I was reading an article about fast food, when I learned that most Americans indulge in fast food about 3 times every week – it doesn’t sound like a lot, but it all adds up, and that’s a lot of calories! Even more concerning is the amount of money the average person spends on fast food every year. 

My typical diet is high-calorie and lots of fast food, which has unfortunately contributed to a less than favorable waistline. I also tend to feel slightly sluggish after eating fast food. While it might be slightly more expensive, I’ve decided to try a pescatarian diet, where fish and other seafood are my main source of protein. These foods have lots of Omega-3, which is great for your brain, eyes, and heart! 

Fighting My Financial Frugality 

Online shopping has made it truly difficult to keep money in your bank account. With how easy it is to click “buy,” wait a day, and have something delivered to my front door, I’m not afraid to admit I’ve spent more money than I’d have liked to. Especially on junk that I used maybe once or twice. It’s a problem a lot of people have today, and it’s a problem that I’d like to overcome. 

I talked to a representative at my bank to see what I could do about saving and letting my money work for me.He told me about CDs(not what we used to listen to music and watch movies with), which can earn upwards of 5% every year! Putting my money into one of those, I’m a lot less tempted to spend money and when time is up, I’ll get all my money back with a little more! 

Finding Confidence in My Own Skin 

Another one of my resolutions is to address a longstanding issue with my appearance: the noticeable hump on my nose, which has been a big source of self-consciousness for decades. After thinking about it for a while, I’ve decided to undergo rhinoplasty. 

This decision isn’t about how others think of me; it’s about building up my self-confidence. The goal is to look in the mirror and feel genuinely happy with the reflection staring back. This is one of the biggest changes I’m looking forward to, especially knowing it will bring a massive boost of confidence! 

Exploring the Arts 

My final resolution for this year is to simply explore the arts, whether it’s walking around a museum or picking up the brush, myself. Either way, I intend to let my creativity flow and see what I can create in my spare time. Fun fact: when I was a little kid, the first job I wanted was to be an artist! Then, the real world hit once I turned 18 and my dream was put to the side. Now, it’s time to rekindle my passion for art and take a shot at it!