OCR(Optimal Character Resolution) technology a solution in plain sight?


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The advent of technology has led us into an era where even the simplest tasks have been rendered un-doable without the right kind of technology. Similar is the case with document verification and the role of OCR technology in it. By the looks of it there is not a simpler way to utilise the evolution of technology in a more effective way. This particular technology allows you to verify, scan and authenticate the documents at hand. 

OCR technology: Why is it absolutely necessary?

OCR technology is an automated solution that allows you to automate data extraction from a document whether printed, hand-written text  or a scanned file and afterwards converting it into a machine readable format. This not only optimises the run time but also shrinks the cost of operation which can be used elsewhere. One of the biggest advantages of having an automated solution of any problem or a recurring business process is that it reduces the cost of operations. Not only this but the fact that human errors are also reduced to a not. This is why OCR technology in this day and age is an absolute necessity especially for the industries that are reliant on document submission and authentications namely: educational institutions and other government sectors that deal with client personal data. Here is why you should imply OCR technology:

Data security 

The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR calls for strict measures especially to organisations or softwares that are collecting or working with consumers personal data. In short, to keep the data of the client safe must be the first of any such organisation or software, such as the OCR software. The Optimal Character Resolution is the talk of the town or has evolved itself to become the talk of the town owing to its functionality. Extracting clients data from text and documents submitted requires the provider to be GDPR compliant and ensure client data safety. This is why a secure service provider in the field of OCR like Shufti Pro must be opted so that your data is not squandered off by a scammer or anyone else. 


One of the biggest advantages of using the OCR software is that it ensures higher accuracy, the solution is backed by Artificial Intelligence providing you reliable results. The OCR technology takes care of the manual errors so when you are using this service one thing is for sure that results are accurate.

Paperless and environment friendly

Recently the entire world is looking to resolve the rapidly changing climate. One does not have to be an environmentalist to know that trees are vitally important for this and in order for us to preserve the environment we need to put an end to deforestation. The paper industry heavily relies on trees. The OCR services are designed in a way that it can create a paperless organisation when everything is being done digitally there is no need for paper. The OCR not only allows you to store more data but also renders paper useless. 

Expansive workability 

One of the biggest advantages of OCR is that there is no language barrier and it can perform its function in a flexible way. There are no restrictions on types of documents that are accepted, the OCR app can work for several organisations and extract data from countless types of documents such as utility bills and more. The expansive technology of the system allows you to utilise this solution globally. The OCR data scanner can scan and extract data from all types of documents as required by the vendor. Also to mention you do not need a big software setup for this to work you can even get it to work from using a mobile OCR app.

Going contactless

The rise of pandemic and spread of CoronaVirus implores human civilization to change their traditional ways. It is imperative that we consider a future that is not only safe but  also devise a solution that can help curb the disastrous spread of the virus. Going contactless would be one of the solutions, OCR service does exactly that. The OCR app is a contactless way of document verification and other functions, there is no personal contact rather all you have to do is upload documents. The OCR process is pretty simple as itself extracts data and provides results in real-time. Rendering human contact un-necessary. 

Cost effective 

The biggest advantage of the OCR is that it is extremely cost effective as the solution only has setup fees in some cases but you do not require a separate staff to enter data. Separate staff means extra people, OCR system renders both of these liabilities as useless. 


It is important to understand that evolution is survival. The only issue with OCR technology would be the conservative mind set that does not allow integration, whereas, OCR does not only provide a solution to huge data entry but also the fact that it is a modern solution to an obsolete solution is something that should be more than enough for people to jump onboard with. The solution is AI-backed providing accurate results.

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