Online Coding Class for Students from Grade 7 to 9

Online Coding Class for Students from Grade 7 to 9

Last Updated on February 14, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Students who dream of working in the software technology field can use this opportunity to grow their various coding languages. The object-oriented programming class will help the students learn more about the OOP concepts and their needs in coding languages. These online classes will help students learn about simple and effective codes. 

These coding classes will provide a basic idea about coding and improve understanding ability. This coding class provides various programming language options for students to choose as per their requirements. All the types will be on the online platform with live coding sessions. So, students can interact with the tutors to ask doubts and other needs. Interactive and practical learning is the key feature of these online classes. 

Various coding classes

Online coding classes will have several programming languages options. Each topic will have qualified tutors with deep knowledge on their subject, so it helps students to gain more knowledge about each programming language. Since these classes are for grades 7 to 9, it contains online courses for web development and python programming language. Both of these topics are essential for beginners. 

These courses will have several topics and projects for students. The learning duration of each course is about 12 weeks, and all the systems will have a project at the final level after completing the course. In all the coding classes, the object-oriented programming class is popular. Many students choose it because it will help them learn more about object-oriented programming languages like C++, Java, and Python.

Python programing classes

Python is the simplest and most effective programming language among all the programming languages. So many students choose this programming language for its easy lines of code. Other programming languages have 8 to 10 coding lines, and the same coding is possible with 3 to 4 lines of coding in Python. Though it has small codes, it is as effective as the other programming languages. 

The programming classes will have interactive sessions, live coding, and other coding related lectures. If students choose Python as their programming language, it will have several class options. It is because the class has various levels as per the requirement of the students. If the students have more knowledge of the basics of Python means they can skip the beginner level and can directly start the intermediate-level coding classes.

Different levels of coding classes

The coding classes have various levels as beginner, intermediate, and master. Similarly, it has one beginner level class and different intermediate level classes for python coding classes. At the beginner level, the tutors cover topics like data type, variables, lists, dictionaries, the flow of statements, built-in and user-defined functions. All these topics will come under the beginner level of Python programming. 

The intermediate level classes contain some advanced topics than the beginner level topics. The first class in this level helps to interact and create concepts with shapes and colours for creating objects. It provides knowledge about turtle package, canvas, window, design, modularity, and pen tools. Other intermediate courses of Python have other essential topics. The topics include data structures, lists, stacks, queues, recursion, storing and retrieving files, and many other issues. 

OOPS with Python

Since Python is an object-oriented programming language, students should learn all the object-oriented programming concepts. Like other oop programming languages, Python also uses various OOPS concepts. This object-oriented programming class for Python will have multiple topics like class, object, polymorphism, inheritance, and other essential oops-concepts. This course will help to learn more intense programming problems. 

The object-oriented programming concepts in Python are essential because all the programs in this language deal with object-oriented programming. Some of the topics like inheritance and polymorphism are helpful in various conditions in programming. Students choosing this topic will get a vast knowledge about object-oriented programming along with its concepts. These are the primary abilities and features of object-oriented programing with python language. 

Advantages of coding classes

Students will gain knowledge from the comfort of their home, and online coding classes will be more practical, and it also helps to improve the coding skills with live sessions for coding. Students will have direct guidance from the tutors in this coding class, and each tutor will handle only three students for a single session. Students can also hire private tutors, and all the tutors are well-trained professionals.  

Every session will have live coding classes with various programming problems to solve. All the courses will be 12 weeks in duration, and the projects in every topic will help the students learn deep and complex programming components. Along with these features, the sessions will be fully interactive with various attractive features. These are the advantages of online coding classes.  

Object-oriented programming

The OOPs concept is an essential part of most programming languages, and it has many uses in various steps of programming. Students who prefer object-oriented programming classes will have comprehensive coding options because OOP concepts are applicable in many programming languages. 

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