Preserving Precious Memories: How to Convert Kodachrome Slides

Preserving Precious Memories: How to Convert Kodachrome Slides

Last Updated on February 14, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Kodachrome slides date back to 1935 when they became the first option for color film on the market. But nowadays, we don’t tend to use this type of film in our everyday life.

How do we make sure that our memories are preserved? Well, you may want to look into your options when it comes to putting your Kodachrome slides into a different format.

Read on to find out how to digitize and convert Kodachrome slides.

Pay a Professional Conversion Service Provider

Paying a professional conversion service is the best way to digitize your Kodachrome slides. This will prevent you from accidentally damaging the slides. Using a professional service is a good choice for those who may need their slides retouched or refurbished.

If you need help finding a good conversion service, you’re in luck. Envision Video Services can help you out with all your digitization needs.

Do It Yourself

You can also try D.I.Y. methods for converting your Kodachrome slides. You will, however, need the right equipment. You should look online for a slide scanner that can properly scan Kodachrome slides.

If you want to process a large amount of Kodachrome slides, processing the slides yourself may be a good choice, since it can save you money in the long run.

If you’re looking to save money, you can use a regular flatbed scanner to scan and digitize your slides. However, the quality of the converted slides will likely be worse than some of the other ways you can use to digitize your slides.

Before you begin scanning your slides, start out by cleaning them off. You don’t want to convert dirt along with your slides, after all. Use a microfiber cloth and rubbing alcohol or a specialty cleaner.

Be careful when cleaning your slides, so that you don’t damage them. Generally, you should always be gentle when you’re handling slides or any type of photos.

Project and Snap

You can also use a projector to digitize your slides. Project your images onto a wall, and use a high-quality camera to take photos of each slide. For the best possible response, frame the images carefully. Keep the room you’re projecting the images in as dark as possible.

A converter box can also be helpful when you’re completing this process. Or, you can use a slide scanner mount for your DSLR camera to make it much easier. If you don’t have a DSLR, you can use your smartphone to scan your Kodachrome slides.

Different scanner apps available for Android or iPhone can be really useful when you’re trying to scan different types of Kodachrome slides.

Convert Kodachrome Slides: Get Started

What are you waiting for? Pick a method, and start converting your Kodachrome slides before it’s too late.

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