7 Proven Ways To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

7 Proven Ways To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

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Many believe in a common myth that only eating healthy and exercising help you lead a healthy lifestyle. In reality, there are so many more factors that contribute to your overall health. And when we mean health, we mean both physical and mental health.

Most of us in today’s world have forgotten how to be truly healthy. Even with recent developments like smartwatches and advanced gym equipment, more than half of the world continues to suffer from lifestyle diseases. If you’re looking for some tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle, here are seven ways.

1. Eating more fruits and vegetables

This can never be said enough. In Australia alone, 1 out of 2 people (49%) aged 18 and above failed to eat their recommended 2 daily servings of fruits, and more than 9 out of 10 (92%) people refused to consume their 5-6 daily servings of vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables contain the essential minerals and vitamins that our body requires, so not having them can lead to severe diseases later on.

2. Drink ample amounts of water

Almost all of us tend to forget to drink adequate amounts of water amidst our increasing work pressure. Water is absolutely essential to carry out almost every physiological body function, including removing wastes and transporting oxygen.

Since a lot of water gets removed from our bodies through urine or sweat, it is necessary to replenish those amounts by drinking as much water as possible. Having a minimum of 2-3 litres of water per day is a good start.

3. Have balanced diets

Too much of one particular food group isn’t healthy, since our bodies need a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Meat can be a great source of protein, but remember to buy only the fresh pieces from meat wholesalers in Melbourne.

Rice and cereals give you the carbs you need, and nuts or milk products like cheese and butter contribute to fats. As mentioned earlier, vegetables and fruits are ideal sources of vitamins and minerals.

4. Stop smoking or alcohol consumption

Other than eating healthy, it is equally important to stop harmful habits like drinking and smoking. Not only do they affect organs like the lungs, liver, or pancreas but also interfere with our mental well-being.

You might be tempted to try out these habits, but refrain from doing so. While having an occasional drink is fine, make sure you maintain a healthy limit. They also affect dental health. If you are experiencing pain or sensitivity to hot or cold or any other concerning symptoms, it is important that you see a dentist as soon as possible. You may need root canal treatment services. This dental procedure helps to save teeth.

5. Take a break

This point is especially important for your mental health. Yes, you might have a lot of pending work to catch up on, but take a break at times. Dedicate an hour or so of your day to do things that you love.

It can be anything- painting, going for a walk, or even spending some quality time with your family members or friends. If you immerse yourself in doing things that you love, your mind will be refreshed and you’ll have a much more positive outlook on life.

6. Don’t use too much social media

Again, another point to take care of when it comes to mental health. How many times did you open Instagram, close it because things there seemed too perfect to be true, and then feel tempted to reopen it? We all go through this when we keep scrolling through social media. It’s fine to stay updated and post a status or two, but don’t let it consume your life.

Remember, what you see on Facebook or any other app is a part of reality sometimes not even that. Too much of using your phone not only harms your eyes and brain but also your emotional well-being.

7. Take small steps

It might be hard to completely quit unhealthy habits and switch to healthier ones, but give yourself time. Take baby steps at a time, and see how much progress you have made. It’s okay to have little setbacks or cheat days – don’t be too harsh on yourself.

Recognize where you’re going wrong and rectify them the next time. Only when you progress slowly will you be able to continue these healthy habits in the long run.

Over to you…

The important thing to remember while opting for a healthy lifestyle is to look at it holistically. Do things that have a positive impact on your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Surround yourself with positive energy and make a conscious change to do something better each day.

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