Quick Fit Seamless Conveyor Belt Lacing Mechanical Joint

Quick Fit Seamless Conveyor Belt Lacing Mechanical Joint
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“Quick Fit Seamless Conveyor Belt Lacing Mechanical Joint” is a new rubber conveyor belt connection method invented by our company, and also a major reform of the 

belt joint. This article clearly show you how the rubber seamless conveyor belt connector improving site conveyor belt joint installation efficiency in a short time.

This product was officially approved in July 2012, and has become a national 

innovation fund support project! It bring a new generation for the conveyor belt connector range among the traditional methods. And it is quickly developed during these years, no matter for usage on site or distribute it will both bring many benefits in various aspect. So now have become a very good first choice for fabric and PVC conveyor belt line.

Traditional joint methods have Cold splicing joint, Hot splicing joint, Mechanical fastener joint and so on. After using for a long time will produce many problems on joint live, usage application and so on.Later I will give detailed comparison between traditional joint methods and our new patent rubber seamless belt joint:

Traditional Our new generation
Mechanical fastener joint method:• Leakage of fine powder ash pollutes the environment, especially the cement, sand, mining and metal mineral industries.• The belt is easy to tear and has a short service life because the mechanical is too hard. You need to often replace it so waste time and cause more damage for the original belt part.• Seamless connection without powder leakage, because all of screws covered and buried by rubber so the joint part is rubber with rubber, therefore have no any gap between them.• Bolt reinforcement, stable and reliable. We use stainless screws and bolts so is is strong enough with long service life.• Good connection curvature, Do not wear Roller and other conveyor accessories, save cost and energy.
Cold adhesive joint method:• Stripping tape from ladder is time-consuming and labor-consuming so one person cannot finish is. Conveyor line will waste much and influence productivity.• It is greatly affected by the adhesive quality and the joint is unstable will easily influence by joint skills and working environment. • Just peel off 10 cm of rubber on joint head and then install the seamless joint, saving time and effort because just one person can finish it. • The bolts are tightened and not affected by transportation.•Operation environment requirement is easily so installation also easily needn’t specific technician.
Hot vulcanization joint method:• Complex process and high cost. Need Machine, materials, specific technicians, high requirements for construction environment. • The joint takes a long time and requires more than 2 professional personnel so efficiency is low and influence conveyor running and productivity.• Large waste for the extra conveyor belt parts.• Simple operation and fast installation, all needn’t accessories and tools will be included.• No need for professional technicians and professional equipment, just your own factory workers can easily make installation under instruction guide.• No need to lose the joint length when put it on conveyor belt joint and save the cost and energy.

Detailed Advantages


• It only takes about 1-2 hours to join a conveyor belt, and the belt can run immediately after finish installation of joint. 


• There is a strong joint tensile strength and long service life because good materials and producing technology.


• The product is ease-of-use with stable and reliable performance, that a common mechanic can master the skill soon. The quality of joint is more reliable than using traditional adhesive bonding technique. 

Low cost

• It is convenient to maintain at a low cost and also saves more length of joint than traditional joint methods. 

• If no break on the first conveyor belt, this connector can be reused on another joint so it is no one time usage.


• It is flexible and versatile, and can be applied to small roller conveyor and pipe conveyor belt. A small segment can also be inserted into the conveyor belt to repair the torn belt. Almost will not influence by conveyor size or special specification.


• We can make good OEM for your distributor requirements. Make your own brand, package as your target to promote your business range and development.

This product has obvious advantages for connecting the joint of high-temperature resistant conveyor belts: High temp belts are usually made from EPDM, which is a kind of rubber that has poor adhesive performance and hard to make secondary vulcanization. Thus, there are more problems in the joint of high temp belts by using traditional methods. The quick joint connector provides a new way of conveyor belt joint to break traditional ones, which makes the joint part more stable and long-lived.

Installation steps:

Making tenon joints for the conveyor belt joint head parts.

1.1 Peel of the rubber on two sides of the belt only rest fabric, the belt core tenon well matched with joint grooves. If un-work face have thin rubber, just grind it. If rubber less than 1.5mm on the tenon, can stay it and just install.

1.2 Tenon should match the width of joint well because too long or too short for the groove depth both can influence joint service life and connect effect.

Note: If the belt core thicker than joint slot, change a large size of connector or grind the core thinner than above step instruction.

Pre form the joint part

2.1 Choose the right size of connector as your conveyor belt situation.

2.2 Form the tenon and connector uniform and tightly without any gap between connectors and tenon parts. At the same time, keep belt core in the middle place of the seamless connector and two sides of the belt joint uniform.

Install the screws and tighten it.

3.1 Install all of screws or belts from joint middle to both sides one by one use electric hand screwer.

3.2 If your model RIT-MJ-350 of the connectors, you can firstly use drill to make holes on the right place as the connector hols place and then install the screws will be easily. Please note the drill cannot too big just can penetrate conveyor belt is ok. 

3.3 Running conveyor belt after installation finished, check the screws and bolts timely to prevent screws losses when running, tighten it if find looses.

Note: Put a base lining before screwing. This step keep stable speed don’t too fast, must confirm every screws are installed tightly and no any loss.

Inspection after installation finished

4.1 Seamless connector should narrow about 10mm on each sides of the belt width.

4.2 Screws and bolts must be vertical to the joint and belt, forbidden reverse or inclined installation.

4.3 Must grind the back of un-work connector surfaces where the screws bulge to prevent affect conveyor belt and drums.

Note: You can make a mark of installation date on the connector part after finish it, because it can help you remember how to do when the next time repair or replace it.  

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