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3 Reasons Why Businesses Require Encryption

3 Reasons Why Businesses Require Encryption

On the track, 2019 is noted to be the worst year on the record in terms of data breaches in accordance to a report that was published recently by the Risk-Based Security with a record of over 3,500 data breaches till the end of June and about millions of data that are exposed. The staggering growth of about 54% is noticed in terms of the breaches here.

Data breaches are never to arrive on their own as they are oftentimes are being followed with the help of a steep fine along with the loss of trust by your customer here. There are businesses that are sure to get bankrupt within the six months of the data breaches. The reality of these harsh figures is well realized by the companies that have started to invest in the strategies for data security that would be aiming in terms of protecting the data and also help to keep the intruders off.

In terms of these strategies here, encryptions have evolved as the main component and a way in which one can secure the data from the employees who are careless or the outsiders who are malicious. There are few of the companies that are still hesitating when it arrives at the asymmetric encryption that happens due to the lack of understanding of their usefulness or the fear with its implementations that might encumber through the networks to bring down the efficiency of the employees. However, one of the highly powerful and useful tools in terms of the arsenal of data security, encryption, is the one that is mostly required.

The last line of defense

There are companies out there who at times become powerless in order to stop these cyber attacks.  The attackers, therefore, can easily check out and steal the data that are sensitive. If the data is encrypted, then they would have no way of accessing them without the key to decryption; therefore, the data is saved from being compromised. The military-grade AES-256 is a kind of encryption that is selected and used widely in terms of the process of encoding messages. It is always great to make use of a backup plan with an effective strategy of data security that would make sure that the companies are not getting compromised.

The data on the go is protected through encryption.

One of the highest potential security risks that the companies here face is the data on the move. The devices that are portable containing the sensitive data are moved outside of its security, both physical as well as the digital of the network of the company. There is an increasing number of employees who are taking their devices out of the workplace, whether it is for meetings, conferences, or remote work.

Encryption aids in effective compliance

Data protection is no longer an option here these days. Companies and businesses surely cannot ignore the issues and hope that they will not get targeted by dangerous hackers. If there is an option in a pre-GDPR world as it was taken down by a storm in terms of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations as there are a few countries where the legislation to data protection has not been adopted or is recently being debated on with this kind of strategy.

The GDPR in itself will be recommending encryption to be the effective tool for data protection that would meet the potential standards for safety.

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