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Are you in the visit of Dubai and now in search of a special car? For all these special cars visit Rent Luxury Car Dubai.

Man has always been fond of living comfortably whether it is home to stay or ride to walk, man is always looking for good. Today our topic is about vehicles that are very valuable and comfortable.

Rolls Royce

This car has amazing structure, speed, and power. It is a perfect vehicle for all those people who can afford luxury cars. The company was founded in1906 and now, the company’s vehicles are counted among the world’s special vehicles.

Dear visitors, there is also a strange fact about this car that this vehicle is available in about 44000 (forty-four thousand) colors. The logo of this car is very famous worldwide. The interior of this car is also attractive, there is a special leather coat use interior which comes only from European bulls. 


Lamborghini is famous because of its style and short height. Most people love the sound of Lamborghini as its sound is different from other cars. The thing which unique this car among the luxury cars is the driving mode. Yes! It contains 6 driving mode you can use it according to the situation.

Six Driving Mode

  1. STRADA Driving Mode
  2. SPORT Driving Mode
  3. CORSRA Driving Mode
  4. SABIA Driving Mode
  5. TERRA Driving Mode
  6. NEVE Driving Mode

All these modes use according to road conditions. It is means starda driving mode is a general mode like other cars. Similarly, Sabia driving mode is made for desert or sandy areas. Terra driving mode is a good option for off-road and unpaved roads. Apart from this, the best option for snow is neve driving mode.

If you want to enjoy these modes then hire Lamborghini through Rent Luxury Car Dubai.

Bentley car

The height of Bentley is 55.3 inches it is available in 5 different colors. The speed of the car is very fast and amazing. The interior of the car is just looking great, you will get the best experience while driving this car. The audio system is a fully high-tech and remote control.   

The leather quality throughout is just lush it is so super soft. There is a widescreen infotainment display which is okay to use it. With the help of this screen, you can find your specific location because this screen contains an advanced GPS system.


The new Mercedes S class is an extra beautiful interior look. You can change the lighting system inside the car with the help of the screen. And even you can talk with Mercedes e.g just talk to the screen “Hi Mercedes” it will answer you “Hi how can I help you” that’s crazy. 


This car is interesting because of its motorcycle-like structure. This is an open 3 wheel car and you can have an amazing experience at any speed so here is the new 2021 R. This contains awesome new sunrise orange color.

For 2021 we wanted to bring a lot of new accessories for people to really increase the functionality of the vehicle. One of the number one requests we get is storage and we added an all-new storage collection for the vehicle.

It contains new side storage bags as well as rear storage bags. One of the coolest new accessories for 2021 is the stage 3 audio kit. Keep in mind while driving a slingshot car you need to wear a helmet because the structure of the car is just like a moto bike. All the above mention cars are available for rent and every international driving license can take through Rent Luxury Car Dubai