How to Replace a Damaged or Lost College Diploma

How to Replace a Damaged or Lost College Diploma
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Did you know that more than 94 million American adults have a college degree of some kind? That’s more than 40 percent of the population! 

And although most people keep their college diploma in a safe place or display it proudly, it’s not uncommon to experience diploma problems. For example, you may lose it in a move or spill coffee on it during your job interview. 

So, how do you go about replacing a diploma? We’ll cover that topic in detail in this post, so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff!

Contact Your School

Colleges and universities often have instructions on their website that can help alumni get a copy of their diplomas and transcripts. But, if you graduated in the past year, you can contact the registrar’s office at your school directly for a quick and easy diploma replacement.

If you graduated some time ago and your school closed or you can’t find their information online, you can get a copy of your transcript using this guide from the Department of Education. 

Send Your Diploma Replacement Request

If you want to replace your diploma, you have to send a written request. This regulation prevents identity theft, so you will need to include:

  • Your full name 
  • Your maiden name if you’ve since got married
  • Date of birth
  • Graduating year
  • Current contact information (address, phone number, and email)

Moreover, you should provide some form of official identification, whether it be a driver’s license or a passport.

In some cases, schools ask for an affidavit stating what happened to your previous diploma. Be sure to get it notarized so that it’s official. 

Of course, if you have the damaged diploma, you may be able to present it instead. Or, the school may allow you to show an insurance claim if you lost it in a fire or flood.

Along with all this information, you’ll need to include the replacement fee for your diploma, which will depend on your school. 

If you find this process overwhelming, you may wish to use an online template or example to help. Or, you can consider purchasing a fake diploma instead!

Speeding Up the Process

After submitting your diploma, it can take a few weeks to process your request. So, be sure to apply as soon as possible, especially if you’ll need it in the next few months. 

Sometimes, schools offer an expedited process for an additional fee or allow you to pay for an express courier service. Be sure to ask about this if you’re on a tight deadline.

Never Lose Your College Diploma Again!

Losing your college diploma isn’t the end of the world, but recovering it is a time-consuming and tedious process. 

So, make duplicates of your diploma and store digital copies on your cloud. And, if you can, keep the original in a safety deposit box or fireproof safe. Following these steps will prevent you from having to deal with a lost diploma ever again! 

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