Risk Factors Associated To Ankle Sprain And Strain

Risk Factors Associated To Ankle Sprain And Strain

Last Updated on March 17, 2024 by Umer Malik

We can all agree that ankle sprains and strains are the worst. As such injuries can be mild, making it very challenging to walk or move our leg. There can be many different causes responsible for such injuries. For instance, someone could just trip over while climbing down the stairs, or it can even be a sports injury. 

Different risk factors can result in ankle injuries. No matter the cause, it is essential to treat this injury appropriately to get quick relief. One could leverage Adelaide sports physio to treat their ankle injuries appropriately. 

But what are they? Let us find out.

Risks Involved With Ankle Sprain & Strain

Fatigue In Ligaments and Muscles: 

When our muscles and ligaments experience fatigue after completing some energy-intensive physical activity. It can increase the chances of suffering from ankle injuries such as sprains and strains. 

The risk is further amplified when the said person continues to pursue their energy-intensive activity without giving sufficient time to the muscles to relax and regain their strength. For instance, someone running a marathon can experience an increased risk of these injuries when nearing the end of the race.

Ineffective Athletic Conditioning: 

Our bodies are not like an automobile where we can just start the engine and continue to reach high speeds without any consequences. Therefore, before we go out doing any strenuous physical activity, we must condition our bodies accordingly beforehand. 

Simple warm-up exercises such as stretching the calf and ankles and other muscle strengthening exercises without appropriate body conditioning can significantly increase the risk of ankle injuries. This is why we see professional athletes always warming up their bodies before getting started.

Carrying Excessive Weight: 

This is no secret that excessive weight can put a lot of pressure on our joints, muscles, and ligaments. When we are running, walking, and jumping around excessively, it can increase the risk of muscles and ligaments around the joints not being able to withstand the increased weight, ultimately resulting in a torn or stretched during the activity. 

Many studies suggest that overweight males are more likely to fall victim to an ankle sprain or strain than overweight females. One might have to visit Prohealth Care to treat the injury effectively in such circumstances.

Female Athletes Over The Age Of 30: 

This might surprise many as we see female athletes over the age of thirty playing excellent sports and athletic activities worldwide. 

But there are studies that a female athlete over the age of thirty is more likely to encounter an ankle injury. It can be such as sprains and strains than the male of a similar age group irrespective of their body weight. However, that does not mean that female athlete over thirty should stop playing, but they should certainly be more cautious.

Concluding Thoughts

Almost all of us have experienced ankle injuries at least at some point in our lives, and we can all agree that it is not a pleasant experience. However, if we succumb to the injury, we can always get ourselves treated with Adelaide sports physio

Therefore, keep these factors in mind and follow the tips to reduce the chances.