4 Roof Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Know


Last Updated on February 14, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Do you know how vital the integrity of your roof is to your home? For example, small water leaks can infiltrate your Homeowner, leading to things like mold growth, structural wood rot, and pest infestations.

Fortunately, by keeping up on simple roofing maintenance, you can avoid these big, expensive issues. But what can you do to verify the condition of your roof? Are there things you can do as a homeowner to maintain the quality of your roof and roofing materials?

Premier Roof Cleaning Inc sheds some light on how often you should be cleaning your roof if you want to keep it in great condition.

Keep reading for four important roofing tips you need to hear.

1. Keep Your Gutters Clean

First, let’s talk about your gutters. We know how annoying cleaning out your gutters can be. You have to pull out your ladder and spend hours cleaning muck out of the gutters.

It’s gross, tedious, and somewhat terrifying (if you’re afraid of heights). However, cleaning your gutters will ensure water displacement from your roof. If your gutters are clogged, it can lead to excess moisture or even standing water on your roofing materials.

This exposure to moisture will cause your roof to break down faster, making a roofing replacement necessary sooner rather than later. For the same reason, make sure your downspouts are also clear of debris so water will continue to flow freely.

2. Have Your Roof Inspected After Harsh Weather

Most states have extreme weather conditions of one kind or another. While the roof over your head is there so you don’t have to endure these conditions, it also takes a beating while keeping you safe.

One of the most important roofing maintenance tips is to contact your roof repair company after major storms or periods of inclement weather. This could be ice and snow, high winds, intense sunlight, hail, etc. All of these elements can destroy roofing materials.

3. Trim Surrounding Trees

Having big trees in your yard is a great way to add value to your property and create a beautiful landscape. However, if those trees are too close to your home, it can also lead to problems.

If heavy branches are constantly scraping against your roof when it’s windy outside, you’ll need a roofing service soon. Furthermore, if one of those branches were to break off of the tree and fall on your house, you could have even bigger problems.

To stay on top of your roofing maintenance, make sure all the branches are adequately trimmed. They should not be touching the house or at risk of falling on it.

4. Don’t Allow Moss and Other Plantlife to Grow

Finally, practical roofing tips warn homeowner against allowing plant life to grow on their houses. While moss and vines look pretty and add a level of aesthetic charm to your home, they can also lead to roofing maintenance issues.

Plantlife, especially moss, holds a lot of moisture. This moisture will quickly break down your roofing materials, which will result in further damages.

Are You Keeping Up On Your Roofing Maintenance?

As you can see, conducting regular roofing maintenance is essential to the well-being of your home. If you have trouble with heights, call a professional to clean your gutters or remove plant growth from your roof. And remember, calling a roofer to inspect your roof is a good way to avoid more expensive bills in the future.

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