Should You Visit A Physio More Often?

Should You Visit A Physio More Often?
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People visit physiotherapy for various reasons, some as prevention and some as therapy. If you have recently undergone an accident or developed a condition that causes pain, the number of times you need to visit a physio depends upon the intensity of your pain. You can also personalize your appointments based on your schedule and your lifestyle. 

Some people go through it every day and some weekly. Pro-Health Care shows a holistic approach to managing health and well-being through medical and physio services. If you stay near Adelaide click here to know a Physio near me

Reasons for visiting a physiotherapist 

During the routine visit to a physical therapist, they will evaluate your medical history, areas of affliction, lifestyle choices, and intensity of pain to further decide your visiting sessions. It is best, to be honest with your physiotherapist regarding your motor functions to provide a clear understanding of your symptoms. People who work many hours in a sitting or standing position need additional care for relaxing their bones and muscles. 

Physiotherapy can tend to such needs very appropriately. The continuous advice and help that the physio gives have improved the lifestyle of many people. A visit to physio also assists an insensible approach to work, exercise, play, and rest. Your physiotherapist can also test your strengths, sensations, reflexes and try to recognize the problems you are experiencing. 

Frequency of appointments

After evaluating you and coming to an appropriate medical diagnosis, the physiotherapist shall discuss their treatment plan with you. Since each individual has a unique lifestyle and schedule, they are very considerate in fixing the physiotherapy sessions. 

Depending upon the intensity of the pain you might have to visit a physio 3 To 4 times a week and at least for a couple of months. After consistent treatments and visible improvements, the physio might lessen the frequency of the visit to once a week. Most sessions are between 30-45 minutes and show immediate relief and when you have almost recovered the appointments are even reduced to once a month but that solely depends on the type of your injury. Most injuries require regular checkups.

Home Appointments 

When the injury is not serious most physio can be performed from home itself, The physiotherapist can suggest exercise, heat and ice therapy, and lots of stretches. The only problem with this is most people don’t do it seriously. If you take the recommendations seriously then the pain is bound to heal more quickly and with a lot less hassle. So the rate of your healing is directly proportional to how much effort you put into your homework.

Ending note

The result of the physiotherapy may vary from clinic to clinic and on different physiotherapists. The physiotherapist should be able to recognize the root cause of the problem such as bad posture or a workplace setup and should be skilled enough to showcase preventive measures to avoid it from happening in the future. Click here to know: “ Physio near me “.

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