Teachers and Students Do Better Together With These Resources


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When a young person’s eyes light up in an “Aha!” moment in the classroom, they and their teachers feel a unique connection that exists only between instructor and pupil. Sometimes, students have a hard time grasping a lesson while teachers struggle to make a concept clear.

In either scenario, how can educators and students do better together?

The right learning resources can help students grasp concepts and explore their interests and help teachers feel more accomplished. Here are a handful of resources that aid teachers and students in finding a way to connect and thrive.

Software Programs

Students deserve every bit of help they can get to improve their academic performance. Software programs can become a fun, useful learning tool that expands their chances of learning something new and understanding lessons studied in class. 

The biggest benefit of software programs is that while they are somewhat flexible, they also provide students with the structure and organization they need to thrive in the classroom. Another advantage of these programs is that students who struggle in class may have an easier time absorbing lessons through engaging and interactive programs, games, and exercises.

To make the most of this resource, schools, libraries, and other education entities need to consider the digital equity gap many students experience. While they may all have access to the internet at school, access at home may be a different story. Schools can partner with nonprofits that provide hotspots for students. These mobile hotspots for schools not only help young people take advantage of software programs, but they also help close the digital divide between privileged students and students in need of important resources like internet access.

Tutoring Services

Young people who don’t have a lot of time to focus on their education, struggle to wrap their minds around classroom material, or have difficulty keeping up with lessons may fall behind. If this happens, both teachers and students can experience frustration.

Tutoring services can bridge the gap and help students feel a sense of accomplishment while discovering more about their learning styles. Tutors provide one-on-one lesson plans, which some students may prefer. Teachers can also learn more about different methods of learning and instruction from tutors, which can help them reach everyone in their classroom and feel more successful as educators. 

Online Resources

More and more students and educators rely on the internet than ever before. The internet offers access to worlds of information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. After using library software or software programs, students can continue learning and studying outside of school hours with online resources. 

Access to online resources is especially important for young people who have trouble concentrating in class or have different learning abilities. They can discover learning techniques, lesson plans, and similar materials that suit their learning style.

Much like software programs, not every student can take advantage of online learning tools if they don’t have internet access at home. Before introducing this resource, educators should make sure everyone in their class can use it.


While mainly used to kill time and entertain ourselves, we can also use apps on our phones, tablets, and laptops to learn. Learning apps are available in a wide range of subjects, and many of them are free or cost little.

Flashcard deck apps are great for helping students memorize information like the names of the bones in the human body and state capitals. Students learning other languages may benefit from language-learning apps, while math apps can help young minds conquer math formulas and equations.

Sometimes, the right resources are all educators and students need to soar and do better together. Just as one person can make a difference in the world, one resource can make a difference in the classroom.

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