The Best Tactical Flashlight Brands in 2023

The Best Tactical Flashlight Brands in 2022

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Hi, thanks for reading this article. In this article, I will introduce to you in detail to how to choose a strong tactical flashlight and the recommendation of well-known flashlight brands, so that you can choose the brightest flashlight that you like and suitable quickly.

The introduction is mainly divided into 2 parts:

  • Part 1: How to choose a bright flashlight?
  • Part 2: Popular Tactical flashlight brands.

The best tactical flashlight brands focus on products developed in-house based on customer feedback and demand, and manufacture flashlights suitable for all types of people. Whether it’s a keychain flashlight, a standard flashlight, or a self-defense tactical flashlight, you’ll find the right flashlight for your needs from these top brands. We list the brands most mentioned, owned and trusted by flashlight professionals, please note that the rankings are in no particular order.

Part 1: How to choose a bright flashlight?

Nowadays, many people who love outdoor camping like to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and go camping outdoors with friends. None of us like to spend a night in the dark wilderness, so the quality of mobile lighting equipment is very important.

Here are a few tips on how to buy:

1. Focus on flashlight lumens and max throw

In the dark environment, we can’t make quick response in the face of emergency situations. Please choose a tactical flashlight with a minimum of 150-200 lumens that can illuminate 200 meters, which is enough to cope with different wild camping environments.

2. Choose the one that runs for a long time

Generally, when camping outdoors, we can’t bring a lot of batteries or accumulators, so the running time of the flashlight is very important. It is suggested that if we are camping in the wild at night, we should choose a type of strong light flashlight that can be used continuously for at least 10 hours. If the time can last longer, it is relatively more secure.

3. Choose the right battery

There are two types of batteries used in bright flashlights: dry batteries and rechargeable batteries. If you are only camping for a short time, it is recommended to choose dry batteries. On the contrary, The rechargeable torch has the advantage of being rechargeable and has a visual indicator interface. If you often use the torch, please choose a rechargeable torch.

4. Additional function options: waterproof function and Strobe function

If the occasional sudden rainy weather, flashlight waterproof function is particularly important.

In the event of an emergency, the strobe function can protect yourself and let others see your position as quickly as possible. It is an additional function that can greatly improve your sense of security.

Combined with the official website parameters, Amazon sales index, market share, professional player reviews and other data, select 3 current strong light tactical light brand. You can pick according to your budget and needs.


Based in: Shenzhen, China


Olight is very popular, with 700,000 loyal fans. They produce high quality and state-of-the-art flashlights. Olight flashlights are affordable priced, most around $100, and the product range includes: EDC flashlights, tactical flashlights, headlights, hunting lights, etc.

They’ve been on the market for a long time, and the company develops and designs them in-house, excelling in keeping up with the latest LED technology. Also Olight uses proprietary batteries. Remember, this is for safety and to provide the best performance possible. They are probably one of the most innovative flashlight makers out there, with very interesting features like proximity sensors, wireless chargers, and more.

Warrior 3S Tactical Flashlight: Up to 2,300 lumens of output and up to 55 days of runtime make it the perfect tactical light for hiking, camping, self-defense and law enforcement!

Warrior Mini 2 EDC Tactical Light: Smart Proximity Sensor that prevents overheating by automatically dimming the LED and turning it off completely after the lens is blocked for 1 minute. 1,750 lumens max, 220-meter throw and 45-day runtime.


Based in: Shenzhen, China


Fenix is a very popular flashlight company. In addition to regular flashlights, they also offer a wide selection of other types of lights, such as headlamps and even lanterns. The price is medium, about 20-500 US dollars. Although Fenix is a large company and generally has a harder time adapting to the latest technology, they do use new LED emitters and technologies constantly. Most of their new releases include a built-in charging system, that allows the flashlight to be charged with a simple USB cable.

FENIX PD35 V3.0 FLASHLIGHT: 1700 lumens, illuminates 375 meters. Powered by a single 18650 rechargeable battery, or can run on two disposable CR123As. Features a battery level indicator so you always know the status of your battery.

FENIX C7 WORK FLASHLIGHT: Up to 3000 lumens and a maximum range of 470 meters. Charges the included 5000mAh battery via the USB Type-C port.


Based in: Fountain Valley, California, USA


The SureFire brand has a long history and forward-looking products. The founders of SureFire were the ones who developed the first laser sights for weapons. He is a visionary leader who drives the company forward, always at the forefront of technology. SureFire’s line of flashlights is also quite comprehensive, including helmet lights, weapon lights, flashlights, and more. Price targeting is on the high side, you may need a little more budget.

SureFire G2X MV: 800 lumens, 115 meters distance; 52 hours of running time at 15 lumens, compact and portable. Features high performance LEDs and specially developed reflectors

SureFire XSC-A: 350 lumens of intense white light, ideal for aggressive target recognition at short to medium distances. Quickly remove and replace the battery

Every brand needs to offer high-quality products at a reasonable price range, offering a wide range of options. You could buy from a reputable seller depending on your needs and budget.

Hope to get your favorite bright tactical flashlight.

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