The Business of Event Management & Hospitality with Nigerian CEO Ladi Osadebe 


Last Updated on January 22, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

Event management and hospitality can be an exciting and glamorous realm. Parties, galas, exclusive events – champagne and caviar, party games, sparkling chandeliers – but it’s also a lot of work.

Ladi Osadebe is the founder and CEO of Nigerian-based company Red Bubbles Events, a full-service integrated event management company. Red Bubbles excels in delivering creative concepts with high-level engagement, and Ladi knows better than most that beyond the dazzling displays and impeccable services lies a labyrinth of technical components. 

These are crucial when it comes to crafting truly unforgettable experiences. Ladi shares that it takes intricate layers of technology, logistics, and data-driven strategies to power these sectors.

Digital Ecosystems in Event Management

“There’s no denying that we exist in a digital age,” Ladi shares. “This affects all industries, including event management. We use advanced event software platforms for benefits such as seamless registration, attendee tracking, and real-time feedback. This is vital as there’s been a surge in virtual events, especially during and since the COVID 19 pandemic.”

These virtual events, she says, created a boost in cutting-edge technologies like augmented and virtual reality, which can offer immersive experiences for remote attendees. High-quality live streaming, chatbots for instant query resolutions, and virtual networking rooms are some of the digital facets that are redefining the event landscape.

Precision through Data Analytics

Modern event management thrives on data. Event management companies like Red Bubbles derive actionable insights from past events by sorting through intricate algorithms and data analytics platforms. This might include attendee preferences, peak engagement times, popular sessions, and more.

“We use these data-driven insights to learn more about events – what went well, what could have gone better, and much more,” says Ladi. “This is how we are able to create future events that are even more tailored, more engaging, and more successful than the last.”

Supply Chain Mastery

Behind the seamless experience of a grand event lies the intricate dance of supply chain logistics. While there’s plenty of time spent selecting the optimal decor for a specific event, or choosing a delectable menu that caters to the needs and preferences of the invited guests, there’s much more that goes into it.

“We have to make sure that every component – from the lighting rigs to the gourmet ingredients – arrives at the right place at the right time,” Ladi emphasizes.

Advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, integrated with Internet of Things (IoT) devices, offer real-time tracking, inventory management, and just-in-time deliveries, making the colossal task of event management appear effortless to guests – and according to Ladi, that’s how it should look.

Safety and Compliance: Non-Negotiable Pillars

The stakes are high in the event and hospitality sectors when it comes to safety and compliance. Technologies such as AI-powered surveillance, crowd management algorithms, and biometric verification systems have been introduced to offer convenience, and they have actually become necessities.

“Events can promote health safety, especially in a post-pandemic world, by offering features such as touchless check-ins, advanced HVAC systems with microbial filters, and capacity management tools,” Ladi shares.

Green Tech and Sustainable Events

Environmental concerns are reshaping businesses – and event management is no exception. The drive towards sustainability is backed by green technologies. “There are a myriad of green options now,” says Ladi. “Some use digital invitations to reduce paste waste. Some of our clients are asking for energy-efficient lighting systems and waste recycling mechanisms. Technology has the potential to aid in minimizing the environmental impact of events.”

She adds that virtual and hybrid events also offer a more sustainable alternative by significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with travel and physical setups.

Where Red Bubbles Shines

Red Bubbles Events operates at the forefront of the event management industry. Ladi and her team utilize state-of-the-art technology and methodologies, which means precision is paramount in every undertaking. The company employs an integrated approach that leverages the latest in event software, audio-visual equipment, and logistical tools, providing end-to-end solutions that are both scalable and customizable. 

With a decade of operational excellence, Red Bubbles has fine-tuned its processes, combining data analytics, real-time monitoring, and project management protocols to guarantee seamless execution.

The company’s offerings span a broad spectrum, and they cater to diverse client requirements. From conceptualization to realization, Red Bubbles is equipped to manage every facet of an event. Their technical suite includes innovative lighting systems, advanced sound setups, and immersive visual displays, ensuring each event is not just memorable but also technologically unparalleled. 

The company’s expertise extends to sophisticated venue styling, leveraging CAD and 3D visualization tools for precise spatial planning and aesthetics. Whether serving corporate clients with specific branding needs or private events seeking unique thematic experiences, Red Bubbles Events Limited stands as a technical powerhouse in the event management domain.

Ladi’s Reflections

Ladi Osadebe has enjoyed incredible success with the growth of her company, and Red Bubbles Events is a pillar in the event management and hospitality industry. Her entrepreneurial spirit shines as she leverages her own adeptness at applying modern technology as an arsenal for creating stunning events.

The seamless fusion of art and science, creativity and technology, vision and execution, makes the modern event and hospitality sectors a masterclass in business acumen and technical proficiency.

“We seek to understand and harness the profound technical and technological potential of new technology and new platforms,” Ladi shares. “This is how we’re setting the stage – literally – for grander, more immersive, and more memorable experiences.”