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The Capital Time

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One of Madison, Wisconsin, is called the Capital Times. It’s run by The Capital Times Company, a partnership between Capital Newspapers and Lee Enterprises, which owns The Capital Times (NYSE: LEE). The capital times was a well-known newspaper in the United States of America that had a progressive political bent. It was very popular there. Capital Times used to print paper copies Monday through Saturday, but now they don’t. The newspaper’s print edition stopped being published every day (Monday–Saturday) with the April 26, 2008 edition. In the end, it became a digital-only news organisation while still publishing a tabloid every week. This was given out every week on Wednesday near the Wisconsin state line and in Madison racks.

Years since the start:

They started publishing daily on December 13, 1917, right after the Wisconsin State Journal started publishing. The Capital Times quickly competed with the Wisconsin State Journal. Founder William T. Evjue had worked as managing editor and business manager for a newspaper called the State Journal. They liked Robert La Follette, who Evjue thought was a hero. When La Follette said he didn’t want to fight in World War I, the pro-war State Journal left him. Because of this, Evjue left the State Journal and started The Capital Times, a journal that agreed with his progressive views. Newspaper: “Wisconsin’s Liberal Newspaper” was its motto.

Many people thought that the new newspaper was pro-German because Evjue was a supporter of the anti-war La Follette. As a result, the first issue of ​​The Capital Times was banned from advertising almost right away. To stop people from boycotting, Evjue went around the neighbourhood and sold $1 memberships. When the magazine had more than 10,000 readers in 1919, the advertising boycott was over, and it could start again. There was a Sunday edition for a while, but it started in November 1927. A left-leaning magazine called The Progressive was owned by both the Capital Times and a family called the La Follette’s in the early 1920s.

The Capital Time’s Struggle

When newspapers couldn’t change their old technology until 1948, the Wisconsin State Journal and The Capital Times were fierce rivals. After years of trying to outsmart each other and compete for advertising, the newspapers agreed to merge to keep both of their newspapers alive. A group of people who owned the Wisconsin State Journal and Evjue’s Capital Times Company talked for a long time before coming up with Madison Newspapers (now Capital Newspapers) on November 15, 1948. They were going to handle both newspapers for them under the same company. It started publishing in the mornings instead of the afternoons on February 1, 1949, and it became the partnership’s only newspaper on Sunday. Afternoons and Saturday mornings are still times when the Capital Times comes out, as it always has been.

The Evjue Foundation is a non-profit group that works to help people have better lives.

A few years before, the Evjue Foundation was set up to give small donations to worthy causes. When the founder of the Capital Times Company, William T. Evjue, died in 1970, the Evjue Foundation took over the company’s main assets. The Evjue Foundation now owns a lot of the Capital Times Company because of this gift, worth $13,450 before. Since the foundation was started, it has given more than $70 million to people in need.

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