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Video Editing Ways

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Video editing could be a daunting task if you are not well-prepared. Sifting through mountains of footage, finding what to cut out and what to keep that contributes to your overall story requires a lot of patience. But patience alone cannot produce a masterpiece. You can choose to use online video editor tools to make a video. Offline editors like Final Cut X Pro can equally help you to achieve your desired goal. While online video editor tools do half the complex work for you, you still need to be well versed in video editing to make quality videos. Whether you are a novice or a professional video editor, you can create a work of art with the right skillset and preparation. It may not happen in a day or two but with time and a few aces up your sleeves, video editing will seem like a walk in the park. Below is an easy video editing ways to help through your journey:

Invest In The Right Hardware

Investing in the right hardware accounts for half the quality of your work. It doesn’t matter whether you are Albert Einstein in the field of video editing. If you don’t have the right hardware then you’ll lose on quality.

Having a PC or MacBook with high processing power and large storage makes all the difference. Since you’ll be handling very large projects, you need a machine that can diligently weather all storms with you.

Upgrading your PC with a faster storage device (SSD) and increasing the RAM to at least 8GB could get you that high-quality production you so desire. If you can’t compromise on quality, then you can build your own computer from scratch and add all the hardware you need. Having a powerful system guarantees easier and faster access to files, rendering speed, loading, and export processes.

Create A Story

Having a mental image of what you want your video to look like makes it easier for you to plan and execute your work. Editing is all about storytelling. Getting the right equipment, angle placement, and having a grasp of the effects to use will greatly contribute to your work. This increases your overall efficiency and ensures you get quality videos.

Keep All Your Files Neatly Organized

Finding clothes in a neatly organized room takes quarter the time you would use in an untidy room. Data files are no different. Going through piles of random data files strewn around your computer is bound to get exhausting one way or the other.

What if you categorically organized your work in named folders and sub-folders? That will not only save you a lot of time but also mental effort. Human beings are visual creatures. Therefore, if work looks tedious you can easily become discouraged and switch off mentally.

You can organize the data files under the following categories:

·       Project files

·       Audio

·       Graphics

·       Images

·       Footage

Use Tutorials on Offline and Online Video Editor Tools

Yes, that Indian YouTuber probably knows a few trade secrets. Often, we get stuck because we either don’t know how to use a certain feature or what works in one online video editor doesn’t apply to another.

There is no shame in not knowing. Let neither pride nor ignorance stands in the way of your video editing journey. There are several tutorials and support forums online that will aid in your learning curve. Whether you are using an offline or online video editor, there is a tutorial just for you.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

You can choose to learn the keyboard shortcuts by accessing cheat sheets of the video editing software you plan to use. You can also opt to buy a customized editing keyboard that comes fully equipped with all the fancy shortcut icons. At a price of course. The most common shortcut keys are “J, K, and L.” Time is a precious resource. Don’t waste it.

A Dash Of Music To Spice Things Up

Music can either make or break your work. Having a feel of good music, however, can add immense depth to your video. And while there are many pirated songs available online, getting paid audio ensures you achieve quality. Yes, it always comes at a price, but it is worth every cent.

Keep It Simple

You are free to use various features and effects that both offline and online video editor tools provide. Sparingly of course. Color correction, adding texts and graphics are very important when editing a video. Therefore, consider them first. Avoid using flashy effects that do not add to the story in any way. Always remember less is more.

Back Up

Remember to back up your work without fail. Make this your everyday mantra as you work on your projects. Most professionals swear by the ‘321 rule.’ Ensure you have at least three copies of your work in two different locations, one of them being offline.

Online video editor tools take full advantage of cloud storage thereby ensuring limitless backup. With offline editors, you can keep a copy in your computer, one in an external storage device, and a final copy in the cloud.

Final Thoughts

Editing is not a task for the fainthearted. You can choose to hire a professional video editor or do it yourself. Whatever the case, you must invest in the right equipment, online video editor tools, and intellectual know-how to stay at the top of your game. Now go forth and create a masterpiece.

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