The Impact of Marketing Videos to an Australian Business’s Website

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Last Updated on March 21, 2024 by Saira Farman

Every startup business in Australia has always found different ways to market their brand, and one method they use is by focusing on improving their website. You have to know that Australia has at least 23.31 million users on the internet every day. It was reported that the number of Australian online users rises to one million each year, so you have to consider the internet as an untapped market for your business. Here in this post know about marketing videos.

If you want your business to have a high online presence, SEO is the best way to achieve that. You can focus on improving your SEO by posting marketing videos with the help of video production teams like the Shootsta Australia video tech company. If you think that placing marketing videos on your website is pointless, you can find several advantages that may change your mind. 

Benefit #1: Search engines factor in videos in websites

The reason Australian businesses need to place marketing videos within their website is that search engines include them when ranking them in search engine rankings. Search engines like Google have a specific algorithm that accounts for everything on a website, from its legitimacy to the type of account. 

However, make sure you place a relevant marketing video on your website to convince search engines of its legitimacy. As long as you have quality, relevant visuals within your website, like videos, you should expect an increase in website traffic because you have better chances of ranking higher in search engines. 

Benefit #2: Videos can generate website traffic effectively

What other businesses do not know about placing marketing videos on their websites is that it can generate website traffic. When you get help from reliable video production teams like the Shootsta Australia video tech company, you can create high-quality marketing videos that cater to your target audience’s needs. 

Usually, you can upload your marketing videos to well-known video streaming sites like Youtube and link them to your business website. Note that Youtube reels in over five billion views every day, so your video always has a chance to get some views. And once your website has increased traffic, search engines are most likely to rank you higher soon after. 

Benefit #3: Let users stay on your website longer

Search engine algorithms not only count the number of visits your website gets, but they also take into account how long a user stays. You should know that users who leave 10 to 20 seconds after will not be considered by the search engine algorithm. If you want Australian users to stay on your website for longer than 20 seconds, you need to place marketing videos that will pique their interests and make them watch the entire video. 

Having them stay on your website for a minute or two is enough to boost your website ranking in search engine results. However, you have to make your marketing videos enjoyable if you want users glued to your website for a long time. You can utilise video production apps in Australia like Shootsta, one of the many companies that can help you create high-quality marketing videos for your business. 

SEO is one of the most important elements when it comes to running a business. Fortunately, any Australian business can help make its brand known to many by simply placing effective marketing videos on its websites. 

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