The Tribal Superstition of Fubar News


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The body of a rotting dedicator was found by a member of a popular Internet forum. This may be the first case of an animal being found in the United Kingdom. The pictures of the mangled decaying carcass have been posted on the web by an Aberdeen-based online community called Fubar News. Fubar News wrote:

“A friend who lives near the coast came across this dead snake tonight while out walking. It’s around three feet long and appeared to have some sort of rusted metal protrusion in its body. It had a head of a cockatoo, and tail that was as long as its whole length. It also had big red eyes which looked like those of a cockatoo.”

This particular species of snake has a fascinating history. It has been discovered alive, although it is not known how or why. Its probable origins are perhaps better known as a coral snake, the common Cobra, or the coral fish snake.

It was first brought to the scientific community’s attention in the nineteen-hundreds by Dr. J. R. Cocking ham. It was then called the coral snake because of its fleshy greenish-black hide. The death snake has also been called the African snake due to its general size and general prevalence. However, it has been recently accepted as a separate family. The recent study, which involved morphological, biological, and genetic analysis, has rejected the idea of a common ancestor between the Coral Snake and the standard Cobra. This means that we are left only with the claim that it is unique in its natural history and the first coral snake. You can check out more from 5e booming blade.

Coral snakes are prevalent in southern India’s coastal sand and silt areas, particularly in Andhra Pradesh, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and Lakshadweep Islands. They are relatively large, averaging twenty pounds in weight and reaching lengths of over fifty feet. The snakes grow in different colors, but the most common are black green and orange. They are pretty nocturnal and are often seen basking on rocks and logs in dawn and dusk. When captured, they assume a terrestrial position, either hanging by its tail or swimming on the edge of its seat.

Fubar News did an extraordinary feature story on this snake back in 2021 in which Dr. R. Cocking ham and his team were able to determine the exact date when the first coral snake was captured. According to the account, it was in the Malabar Coast of South India when the first one was arrested. This snake was already thirteen years old at the time of capture. Other information obtained from this article indicates that these animals have somewhat variable feeding habits and travel in different seasonal ranges.

These snakes are also occasionally found in mangroves in West Africa. They are also called the ‘Camel Snake’ owing to their distinctive coloration. They live in flooded swamps and pre-existing marshes. In West Africa, they are also occasionally found in areas along with the coastal areas.

They are not generally aggressive and usually take to the surface to feed, although some bite when threatened or cornered. These animals are prey for birds, fish, monkeys, crocodiles, and leeches. A few even take fish directly in their mouths. They are not generally seen in the wild. However, it is known that they are sometimes used in snake and elephant trials to tame the latter.

It is interesting to note that Fubar News also reports that in December 2021, a thirty-two-year-old Indian woman died in a cage in the Pune Zoo. Her death was attributed to hanging over the bars of the cell. Her husband tried to free her by using a rope but could not pull her due to her thick skin.

The Tribal Superstition of Fubar News

The local police stated that tests conducted on the body showed that she had been hanging over the bars since at least the evening of her death. There were no signs of strangulation or any other form of mistreatment. The tests also revealed that the victim had water spots on her hands and feet. The medical examiner confirmed that this was the cause of death. The cause of death was also confirmed as drowning, a condition commonly found among snakes. The head and right forelegs appeared to be wholly detached from the rest of her body. However, booming blade 5e can also help you in such conditions.

Fubar News further reports that there are at least ten snake species in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The Campbell’s Rattlesnake, Black Rat snake, Green Moray snake, Golden Moray snake, Pangolin, Raccoon snake, and the Silver Boa snake. The Fubar region in India has also been a place of origin for the Black Rat snake. These are all reported to inhabit the forests in the state of Maharashtra. The Black Rat snake is believed to be a constrictor, hence its ability to coil its body around its prey and kill it without the snake biting the victim and then having its tail curls around the neck to hold the game as it squeezes the target into a coil and eventually strangles the animal.

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