The Truth Behind Free Shipping

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I am sure if you are reading this, you are a frequent online shopper. Most people that shop online care a lot about the various charges that add up to the cost of the commodity they are ordering. 

One of the charges is this thing called shipping charges. While these ecommerce stores keep trying new marketing techniques and provide deals and discounts to the customers, the most exciting and popular of all is the “free shipping” offer which attract most customers.

This offer looks amazing for sure, but as a customer you need to know some facts about this free shipping thing which actually change your perspective about it.

With that said, let’s look at some of the points about free shipping that you might not know.

Is it really free shipping?

Here is a fact! Free shipping is not free in real. Even the application of free shipping deals is not easy for the businesses. To make an offer of free shipping on a product, the business must mark up the maximum retail price so that it covers the cost of shipping.

So, you see! If you purchase this product, you are going to pay the extra charges some way or the other.

Why just free shipping?

The free shipping offers are compelling when it comes to increasing sales or even attracting customers in the first place. Online purchases increase at the time when these types of offers are live on the ecommerce sites.

The reason why this offer looks attract is because if the shipping price become unreasonable the buyer would opt to directly walk in the store and buy whatever he wants.

When one thing is unfavourable, everything around that one thing becomes annoying and you find reasons to opt for something else. The point here is that it takes some time to deliver a product when it is ordered online. 

On the other hand, if you visit a store, you get the product immediately and you don’t have to pay the extra shipping charges as well. There! Brands have one more reason to believe why this “no shipping cost” offer is so attractive for the customers.

Despite of high prices, why do online store offer free shipping deals?

Consumer behaviour can be tricky to understand sometimes. They would prefer going for a product with a label of shipping free, but a higher price compared to the product which has some shipping charge included, but lesser in overall price.

Online brands hide huge shipping charges by providing free shipping to the customers. The consumers feel that they have successfully avoided the shipping cost, but in reality, the offer price now includes the shipping charges.

Shipping cost – what future holds?

The free shipping scheme has been an amazing option for businesses to make their customers happy and at the same time increase their sales. Customer satisfaction and loyalty towards your brand will see a constant boom when such schemes are live on the stores online. 

That’s what future holds for this scheme for at least half a decade from now on!        

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