Things you Need to Think about before Traveling to Costa Rica

Traveling to Costa Rica

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Traveling to a foreign country for the first time comes with mixed emotions. You don’t know what to expect and how life will be like during your stay abroad. 

When planning a trip to Costa Rica, you will need Costa Rica travel health insurance cover from a recognized company. You also need to think of how your stay will look like before booking that flight.

Here are some helpful travel tips you need when you’re planning your first trip to this Central American isthmus, Costa Rica.

1. Costa Rica is home to natural forests 

Costa Rica, as most people know it, is a naturalist nirvana. The country is home to some of the deep and exotic rainforests in Central America. It offers some of the best eco-lodges, surf schools, and yoga treats you will enjoy on your first trip.  

The natural beauty of Costa Rica is something you want to enjoy on your first visit. If you love to interact with nature, like going for a nature walk, Cost Rica is the last place you want to spend your vacation. You can visit the Costa Rica travel guide for more information on the main tourist attractions in the country. 

2. It is easy getting to Costa Rica 

It is not that difficult to get to Coast Rica as a tourist. There are many direct flights to the major cities in the country. It takes at least 5 hours from New York and 11 hours from London.

You can also book direct flights from other airlines and find yourself in the country in the shortest time possible. If you’re traveling on a tight budget, you can research online for the most affordable flights to Costa Rica. 

3. The tap water is safe 

What makes Costa Rica stand out from other tourist destinations in America is the tap water. The tap water in Costa Rica is safe for drinking. In most hotels you visit, they will usually indicate if the tap water is safe for drinking. 

Your tour guide will also show you which faucets you should drink from. Since the tap water is safe, you don’t have to carry your water bottle as you tour the cities. Bring a water filter with you when you travel to Costa Rica and avoid drinking water in remote places. 

4. Dengue is the main disease in Costa Rica 

Dengue and not malaria is the main disease in the country, given that it has many exotic rainforests. As a traveler, you should be more concerned about dengue fever and not malaria when you plan a trip to Costa Rica. The country has the leading number of dengue cases. In 2016, there were over 22,000 reported cases of people infected with the diseases.

Most people believe that the country has the highest cases of Malaria and Zika cases. That is not true. In 2000-2010, Costa Rica managed to reduce the number of malaria cases by 90%. Malaria and Zika cases are mainly reported in the remote and jungle areas of the country.

You don’t want to face the mosquitoes in Costa Rica, especially in the rainy seasons. Therefore you should protect yourself from mosquito bites when you plan to visit the country this holiday. 

5. Costa Rica locals are friendly people 

Apart from Costa Rica being eco-friendly, it is also proud of  friendly locals. It is much easier to interact and get along with the natives here, so you can be sure of enjoying your short stay in this country. The locals here are proud of their country for being a global leader in renewable energy, environmental conservation, and sustainability. 

When you land in Costa Rica, you can use the local phrase ‘Pura Vida,’ which translates to pure life, to get along with the locals. When you visit Costa Rica, you can easily get along with the locals in conversations about their country. Understanding the country and relating to the people is much easier because the natives are friendlier.

6. The food can be spicy 

Food in Costa Rica is delicious, affordable, and comforting. However, sometimes it can get a bit spicy. The country produces a lot of vegetables, which means most of the locals here are healthier. You can start your day in Costa Rica with a unique plate of Gallo Pinto. This is the local’s favorite comprising of spicy rice and beans with some lime and chimichurri toppings. 

You get the best of local cuisine from the family-owned cafes. The street food is more delicious, and you can enjoy yourself with friends on the weekends. Most food here contains some red chili sauce or salsa. 

You should know a lot, like healthcare in Costa Rica for tourists when you visit for the first time. If you want to enjoy your stay in the country, you should ask your local tour guide to take you through some of the top tourist destinations in the country. Visit the many volcanoes and try surfing in the country. You always have a place to make memories when you visit this paradise. 

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