Things to Pack on your Hawaiian Vacation


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Anybody will become excited at the prospect of a trip to Hawaii. Who wouldn’t be excited to embark on an aloha journey in one of the world’s most stunning Hawaii excursions? But before that, many people risk forgetting to pack some essential items for their trip to Hawaii if they let their excitement get the best. Learn about hawaiian vacation.

No matter which Hawaiian island is set for a visit or how long people plan to stay in the Aloha state, packing the right things is necessary because of the many activities there. So, before nailing that Oahu hidden gems tour, here are the top things to bring to get the best out of your Hawaiian Vacation.

Casual and Comfy Clothes

Hawaii is a tropical nation; therefore, the weather there may be pretty warm all year. Although the state has two distinct seasons—winter and summer—it rarely gets cold enough to warrant wearing heavy outerwear. Therefore, keep comfort and casualness in mind when you pack for your Hawaiian vacation. When visiting Hawaii, the best clothes to wear are t-shirts, tank tops, polo shirts, shorts, and capris. And never forget your swimsuits, as Hawaii is home to many beautiful beaches.

Sun Protection

You should bring several essential items to Hawaii, but some are more important than others. In particular, you need sunscreen. A good sunscreen contains SPF 30 and is reef-safe. Most sun products contain chemicals that cause coral bleaching, so you should bring a reef-safe version. Sunglasses are also essential to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays from the sun.

Appropriate Shoes

A pair of comfortable shoes is another must-have. A good pair of water shoes will protect your feet from rocky surfaces. However, most beaches in Hawaii are sandy. Avoid mesh water shoes as they may tempt you to walk on coral. Even mesh shoes will not be comfortable for walking on the rocky reef.

A pair of comfortable walking shoes is also essential. There are a few short hikes in Hawaii that you should consider trying on. A couple of hiking sandals can be great for these excursions. In addition to being comfortable, they also help keep you dry and prevent you from slipping on rocks.

Check out this infographic by Go Tours Hawaii to better understand what to bring for an unforgettable Hawaii tour.

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