Three Trends Among Software Companies in 2023


Last Updated on January 17, 2024 by Umer Malik

It seems like software companies are only as good as they are clairvoyant. That is, they have to know where they’re going while having an eye on future developments in existing and emerging technologies. 

Sounds intimidating, right? Well, not for the 1 million software companies expected to be doing business globally by 2027. If yours is going to join them, you’ll need to keep your eyes on the following trends. 

1. More Automation

Automation is already an incredible helper for a software company, but look for that trend to continue in 2022, as well as grow more advanced. Companies can automate in a number of ways to save money.

They can use AI for help with code reviews. This, in turn, can free up personnel to improve coding standards so that it becomes easier for machine learning to take on the heavy lifting. Last but not least, companies will likely use humans to “automate” by outsourcing more rote tasks so staff can focus on higher-level activities. 

2. Web Three Compatibility

Web 3.0, or Web Three, is close to fruition. The idea is that you own and control access to your data as you go from one platform to the next. In Web 2.0, companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google owned your digital breadcrumbs and treated you like the product.

Society has gotten wise to the ways of technology companies, and there will be a significant move this year to reclaim that power. Custom software development companies will need to take steps toward planning for this in 2022.

3. Full System Integration

In 2022, many large or growing companies will be targeting some of the top ERP systems with one goal in mind. They will want to fully integrate their workflows and databases into a single platform. 

Enterprise resource planning software facilitates better communication, cross-training, and customer service. It does this by facilitating easier connectivity among departmental systems and between the company and the public as a whole. 

This makes a company or enterprise more efficient. It also results in a better result for the end-user. As an example, just think of a municipal government that provides police, fire, sanitation, and utility services.

Over the Horizon

When looking ahead, the typical custom software development company is looking beyond the next 365 days. While 2022 will very much be a focus, survival also depends on what could be coming in 2023, 2024, and 2025. As such, it will be a good idea to pay attention to how these factors develop over the next year.

Continued Blockchain Impact

The top software companies are already involved in blockchain, partly because they know what a huge factor it will be in Web 3.0. Cryptocurrencies get most of the blockchain press, but in the next few years, there will be more discussion about it as it relates to logistics, privacy, and commerce.

Predictive Analytics

Mastering the use of predictive analytics will continue to help software development companies stand out. They will be able to make the necessary pivots to enhance user experience with useful updates before their customers are actually asking for it. 

It’s all about how intuitive the product can be to the user’s needs. Companies that crack the code will thrive.

Software Companies Will Continue Writing the Future 

It’s safe to say that our software companies are already writing the future. In 2022, they will continue to do so through mastering the use of existing tech and keeping an eye on the future as new technologies develop and break out.

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