10 Effective Marketing Tips for a Packing and Moving Company

10 Effective Marketing Tips for a Packing and Moving Company

Last Updated on August 24, 2022 by rida

Packing and moving companies need to take advantage of online promotion, because gone are the days when people used Yellow Pages to search for local service providers. Digitization is the new norm, so moving companies can add online advertising strategies to their marketing campaigns. 

10 marketing tips for packing and moving company

1.      Guest posting for better SEO

It is a well-known fact that the SEO process helps to rank a website on search engines. Executing SEO strategy appropriately is challenging. Google determines your ranking based on –

  • Coding & structure
  • Onsite content
  • Offsite factors & reviews

A moving and packing company can even opt to expand its online audience via guest posting. Guest posting basically means that you will be publishing your contents and links on some other popular bloggers’ site. Guest blogging on established domain authorized blogs like quality guest post helps your website –

  • Reach highest SERP
  • Enhance business credibility and brand awareness
  • Gain more quality traffic
  • Gain long term domain authority
  • Communicate with influencers
  • Add your website link on another website or blog [allows the readers to connect naturally]
  • Improve social media visibility

The guest posting goes beyond expanding online visibility, it accompanies audience trust and credibility!

2.      Build an appealing and engaging website

Marketing of every good moving and packing company starts with creating a top-notch website, which attracts visitors as well as offers them a solution to the problems that came looking for. Ensure that your website is easy to use, responsive, and optimized for conversion. The majority of seekers click on first-page search results, so it is essential to have a helpful and appealing website to create an impression as it is the first point of contact. Moving companies experience marketing challenges, so they need to ensure that the created website has a layout that looks and feels right. The key elements include –

  • A well-designed and informational website keeps visitors engaged, so the chances to convert increase.
  • The header and navigation need to be simple. The information must be found easily, even on mobile devices.
  • A mobile-friendly website is rewarded on Google search, so choose a responsive layout. 
  • Page speed is crucial for improved user experience and is a crucial ranking factor.

3.      Local services ads

Local service ads are positioned above the paid ads [PPC] you see on the Google result page. It is a type of targeted ad because customers looking for location-based moving companies are referred. Besides, you pay only for verified leads. Local service means pay-per-lead and not pay-per-click. Other benefits include gaining visibility above PPC & organic results, building credibility, and increasing leads. 

4.      PPC ads for quick results

PPC like Google ads management extremely complements your SEO strategy. The process is simple. You bid on relevant keywords and when someone comes in search of local appliance movers near me your ad appears above or bottom of the organic research. You pay Google only when someone clicks your ad. PPC campaign is scalable, affordable, and helps to attain short-term goals. You can create brand awareness and reach new markets.

5.      Social media marketing

Social media equals word-of-mouth. It can offer your moving business a chance to increase your visibility. Choose a platform, which is valuable to your business. Offer customers useful, relevant, and interesting content. 

6.      Tap video marketing

Video marketing power is awesome. For example, YouTube has users watching billion hours of videos and generating views in a lot of billions. According to a Google report, 8 out of 10 viewers choose video ad format, so this is also a good way for moving companies to promote their business. 

7.      Reputation management 

People research before they book a moving company, especially for big moving jobs as it needs extra care. So, reputation is crucial! Ensure potential customers discover good reviews about you on the internet. No one is perfect but having a good testimonial page and people willing to refer to future consumers is essential. 

8.      Be credible

Leverage trusted seals from recognized associations like AMSA, BBB, and several other accredited certifications can help to boost sales effectiveness. 

9.      Claim your profiles

Create a profile on popular local review sites and business directories. Ensure to upload the company logo, contact details, and add some details about your moving company. Potential consumers will read this directly on a 3rd party platform and contact you. The logo will grab consumer’s attention and give you an edge. 

10.  Associate with established realtors

Connect with influential real estate brokers around your locality. Networking with established RE agents, you can gain business but make sure to offer quality service. 

With all these factors, we gain consistent new customer flow! Now, your packing and moving company can perform better!