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Does your child have a problem scoring in the verbal section of SSAT? Do not worry, as we have listed below ‘five tips for improving SSAT verbal score’. Check them out!

SSAT has various sections, and one of the most important of them is the verbal section. It has 60 questions that must be solved within 30 minutes. Each question has five answer options. The division of these 60 questions is – 30 synonyms and 30 analogies. The difficulty level depends on the grade level of your child.

Therefore, to ace this section of the SSAT, you need to have a proper planned out study strategy. And for that, students are trying out the SSAT verbal practice to improve their skills. Simultaneously, you can also try out the simple tips we’ve given below.

Check out these five tips to improve the verbal score in SSAT:

·  Get to know root words, prefixes, and suffixes

It is almost impossible to know all the words that will be presented to your child on the exam paper. Therefore, it is advisable to know almost all the common prefixes, suffixes, and root words. Having a solid and compact knowledge of these will help your child answer the synonyms and analogies.

It is recommended that children should sit down for atleast one hour learning everyday to prepare for the test. There are a lot of books available in the market which will help your child learn them. You can also look up websites and decide what is best for your child.

·  Design a test-taking strategy

The student is bound to encounter tricky questions. Therefore, they should have a pre-planned test strategy. They need to be extensively good at time management. It is always advisable to answer the easier questions first and then move ahead with the ones that seem a bit tricky.

Since the SSAT is time-based, the examinee can finish off with questions they are confident about and then think about the ones that have been missed out on. They also need to be extra careful while answering, as every wrong answer has a negative marking.

·  Be the master of vocabulary

One of the primary needs to boost the verbal score in SSAT is the knowledge in vocabulary. You can enhance your child’s vocabulary in several ways.

The most common and effective of them is by making them read a lot of storybooks, making them write down essays, allowing them to group synonyms, devising other engaging ways to learn the same.

Simple memorization of words turns boring in due course. Having a great hold on the vocabulary will substantially help your child in the SSAT tests.

·  Learn analogy types

SSAT has 30 analogical questions. Therefore, it is best for your child to know the relationship between words to clear the analogy section without any hindrances.

The nine common analogy types that are set in the SSAT are – synonyms, antonyms, part-to-whole, characteristics, degrees, category and example, cause and effect, and association. Make sure that your child has the best knowledge in these nine types of analogy situations.

·  Create a study plan

The most important tip to getting a good verbal score in the SSAT tests is a compact study plan. It means that you need to start preparing way before than you think. We are talking about a six months preparation plan. It gives your child enough time to take care of every section that will be set out in the SSAT.

The student also needs to take a variety of practice tests and try to improve in the sections where they are inadequate. Moreover, try not to restrict the learning process only through memorization as it gets monotonous after a certain period of time and has no effect on the menal abilities.


We have come to the end of our blog today. We hope that we have given out tips that will help your child improve their verbal score in SSAT. Have a nice day!