Tips for Manufacturers to Leverage Smart Recruitment Marketing to Attract Top Talent

Tips for Manufacturers to Leverage Smart Recruitment Marketing to Attract Top Talent

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Stats indicate that the manufacturing industry is flourishing. The output is whopping, which indicates that the manufacturing industry is promising. The field has incorporated advanced technologies like robotics, 3D printing, augmented reality, blockchain, laser scanning, and so on. Pertaining to this boom, the manufacturing industry is in dire need of talented and competent workers. With the entire baby boomer generation on the verge of retirement, manufacturing company owners need these job spots to be filled in. And these spots are in millions! Interestingly, millennials and teens are not very keen on pursuing manufacturing as a career. That’s exactly why manufacturers are having a hard time finding the right replacements.

Many companies turn to a manufacturing staffing agency to find the right resources for them. However, this is not enough! The said industry needs to invest in recruitment marketing to fix this problem. This also includes getting to the root causes of all this disinterest and malaise of the young workforce. Here are some more tips!

Revitalizing Your Brand

Are millennials flocking to your manufacturing company? If the answer is no, then you will have to up your branding game and leave the old-school strategies behind. Technological advances have come a long way and if your company is not keeping up, you will not be an appealing option for the younger workforce.

So, re-brand yourself effectively! Make necessary upgrades and updates in the tech sector. It’s okay to imitate those fancy Silicon Valley companies when it comes to providing perks to your resources. They will help you entice the contemporary workforce that you are looking for.

Some of these perks are working remotely and flexible work hours. Millennials are not great at adhering to the typical 9 to 5 office grind and monotonous office commutes. But as long as you need productive employees and young talent, giving these perks won’t hurt.

In addition to flexible hours and telecommuting, other perks include more holiday time, volunteering to shoulder the student loans of new-hires, extended maternity leave, paternity leave, providing in-office health support, adding a game room, and so on.

To prevent the monotonous and stagnant feel, implement robust team-building, training, and career development programs. We would emphasize a key incentive here and that is holding company events. bringing together your employees in an informal setting gives a sense of belonging and promotes bonding.

Moreover, it is an effective recruiting tool. How? Your employees snapping event’s photographs and posting them on social media will increase your company’s exposure. Throwing a summer BBQ or holding an occasional concert isn’t a bad investment after all.

Consider Inbound Methodology to Build Your Recruiting Strategy

Isn’t employer branding all about building lasting and strong relationships with the target audience! You want them to keep coming back to your site. Employer branding should essentially go hand in hand with the inbound methodology.

Inbound marketing doesn’t target everyone around the web. It essentially focuses on engaging, attracting, and offering value to the people who are potentially interested in working for your company. With an effective inbound recruiting and marketing strategy in place, you will have to follow different stages.

Firstly, you leverage high-quality content to engage and attract strangers to become regular visitors on your website. This also includes registering on relevant business directories, social networks, and so on. Then, you turn visitors into leads by leveraging powerful lead magnets.

You can further convert these leads into candidates for jobs by sending newsletters frequently. These newsletters should be about your company’s achievements, new ventures, vibrant culture, and application processes. Give them the opportunities to connect with you and your employees via live chat, email, or social.  

Provide them an excellent experience and these job candidates will turn into your brand promoters!

Find Your Potential Workforce on the Right Platforms

Reaching out and staying in touch with your prospective workforce is essential. This means targeting them and reaching out to them where they are. And that’s social media!

Apply the same strategies for recruitment to appeal to the prospective candidates that you apply for your marketing to tempt new customers. A whopping percentage of young workforce us seeking jobs on social media. Therefore, that’s where you need to look for them.

Now, which of the social media sites is the best way to target them? Different social networking sites appeal to different users in different ways. But generally, millennials and gravitate more towards video content. Therefore, you can maintain a strong presence of various social media forums and focus on video content to target the top talent that you are looking for!

Educate the Future Talent

As mentioned already, the manufacturing industry is and will be suffering from the labor shortage. You may manage to get the right resources for now. But you have to ensure a secure future too. Join the trend with other manufacturers who have committed themselves to educational outreach.

Not only it will turn out to be one of the most effective talent acquisition strategies, as you are building a future workforce, it will also serve other important purposes. For instance, it will make the younger generation aware of the manufacturing industry and the potential and opportunities it has to offer.