Tips To Prolong The Life Of Your Home Windows

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Windows are an essential part of the home as they help us to connect with the outside world without actually going out. Also, they are our one-time investment. Windows are expensive home accessories, and one cannot think to spend on them again and again. That is why it is necessary that we work on prolonging the life of the windows of our home. We need our assets to say long as possible. They have a long life-span, but if we do not pay attention and do not maintain it, it will affect their functioning earlier than expected.

Maintenance of the home windows will help to prolong its life, so below are some tips to follow:

Regular cleaning:

Cleaning always tops the list when it comes to maintenance. Regular cleaning of the window panes will ensure that your windows can last long, and removing dirt stuck to them is important. Windows’ primary function is to be a barrier between the inside of the home and outside. So, the dirt and debris stuck to it need to be removed if you want it to look good. Not cleaning the windows is not the option. If you cannot do it on a daily basis, at least do it thrice a week because an unclean window does not leave a good impression. 


Windows should be inspected annually or twice a year to get an idea of if it’s functioning properly or not. Every season has a different impact on the windows, so we need to check if they need any kind of repair or replacement altogether. You need to check your windows for leaks, cracks, paint, or problems with sliding or opening and shutting them. An inspection will help you save a lot of money because you can detect the problem, if any, at an early stage which will be less expensive than paying for severe damages. You also have to notice if there are imperfections in the wooden frame and its finish. The tiny splinters can be harmful to you as once they penetrate your skin, they can cause a lot of pain and are hard to remove. 


Lubricating your windows is essential as it will ensure their smooth function. Lubricating the window tracks will make the movement of sliding, opening, or closing easier. You need to ensure that the window tracks are clean as dirt can stick to them, and if not catered to, it will be a hindrance in the movement making it difficult to use the windows adequately. You should avoid using oil-based lubricants because they attract dust particles that can easily stick to them. 

Window shutters:

Window shutters are an excellent way to prevent your home windows from the dirt and debris outside. Exterior shutters provide a chance to protect your windows from extreme weather conditions. Windows cannot be bought frequently, so it is necessary to take measures in order to keep them in good shape and ensure their prolonged life. Installing a window shutter will be beneficial for the windows to provide protection and give your home an aesthetic look. 

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