Here Are 10 Tips To Make Your Bag Art More Reusable

Here Are 10 Tips To Make Your Bag Art More Reusable

Last Updated on February 14, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

There are many options for reusable bag art such as custom wine bags or custom recycled bags and many more. Your reusable bags will be more popular if they have great art.

These 10 tips will make it easy to create reusable bags that customers will love.

1. Humor is a great way to design reusable bag art

This is where the key lies: make sure your bags have humor that your target shoppers will enjoy and keep relevant to your business. Your bags should reflect your business. Humor can be a great way to achieve that unless your business doesn’t allow humor. 

2. You can make them stylish

It may not be difficult to create reusable bag art. People want to be fashionable, even when shopping at the supermarket with their favorite reusable bags. If your bag is stylish enough, your bag will be the bag they choose wherever they go.

3. Your logo is not the only thing that defines your brand

Your logo should be printed on the bag. This will make your bag an effective advertising tool. The logo doesn’t have to be the main focus of the bag. If the bag is attractive enough, people may search for your information or subtle logo branding. 

4. Reusable bag art should reflect the values of your business

Green companies are companies that want to promote green values among their customers.

However, it doesn’t have to all be about “green initiatives.” You can see images of plastic-eating marine animals, children wearing new shoes in third-world countries, or literacy initiatives in communities and prisons (which are great ideas for book shops), and even urging clean water wherever it is needed.

5. Focus on current product offerings

Your reusable bag art can advertise a product you believe in if you have it printed on reusable bags. If you have stylized artwork that looks good in real-life situations, this is especially useful. This works great with our reusable laminated bags and totes. Make sure that the bag is appropriate for the product. 

6. Do not forget the logo

Some prefer the logo center-stage, while others prefer it simple. This is fine unless you desire something more creative. If you are looking for something more creative, a logo can be used to create branding opportunities in terms of color, style, and so forth.

7. Keep it simple

Some companies prefer to have lots of visual clutter in their bags, but that’s not always the best choice. It’s easy to forget logos and messages amongst all the information on the bag. The end result can often be the opposite of your intended goal.

8. Collaborate locally

You might consider inviting a local artist to assist you in creating reusable bag art that promotes your business’ spirit on your bags. This can bring your message to life on canvas and laminated bags. 

9. Take into account the material and the size

Different sizes and materials won’t work well with some art. You should ensure that the artwork you choose to decorate your reusable bags fits the purpose of the bag. Both are essential. If the bags aren’t of the correct size or fabric, the art will be lost.

10. Make your bag a conversation piece

You can make your logo prominently visible on the bag, or make it a conversation piece so people stop to ask. People will often ask about your business name and the products you sell (if this isn’t obvious from the bag).