Top 5 Benefits of Wearing Running Shoes

Running Shoes

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While most people wear running shoes while jogging or running for comfort, it is not the only benefit of wearing a running shoe. There are several other advantages of wearing a running shoe while running. Most people are unaware of these facts, most of them consider using a running shoe just based on one or two commonly known benefits. Here is the list of 5 key benefits of wearing a running shoe.

Increase running efficiency –

Most of the studies and research show that wearing a good running shoe could help any user to run with less effort and more energy when compared to running barefoot. A key reason for such a benefit is because a running shoe offers more cushioning which is necessary to expend comparatively more energy from the legs.

Protection –

One of the key benefits of wearing a running shoe is the protection it offers. A pair of good running shoes comes designed in such a way that it could protect the user’s foot from any bruises or injuries while running. Based on the level of protection running shoes are differentiated into three, running shoes for plain surface, for a treadmill or indoor, and rough and harsh surface. As the thickness of the sole of a running shoe increases, the level of protection also increases.

Control the overpronation –

Overpronation here refers to the rolling of the foot inwards while running. This is natural; however, this could flatten the arch of your foot, which could have consequences if not controlled. This is one of the reasons for wearing a shoe and it is the most important but less known benefits that a running shoe could offer. Rolling of foot inwards is a natural phenomenon which is okay if you are walking, but when running, this could lead to the development of shin splints, bunions, plantar fasciitis, etc.

Arch support –

Proper arch support is one of the most important things for the foot. It is very important to offer the maximum arch support to the foot while exercising, running and jogging. Even though if you have a flat foot or very high arched foot, arch support is a very important support that you should provide your foot. Majority of the running shoes are designed in such a way that it offers arch support in the most efficient way.

Fixes supination –

Like the feet fold inwards, the same way the feet would fold outwards. The foot would fold outward even while walking, however, folding of feet inwards while running or jogging puts a lot of stress on the bones and the ligaments, which, in turn, could result in fatigue and spams. A running shoe prevents such folding from happening, it holds the foot strongly without allowing it to fold outwards.

The above-listed are the key benefits that a user could enjoy wearing a running shoe. However, the benefits are not just limited to those few. Wearing a running shoe while running offers an enhanced level of comfort. Some of the people also wear running shoes as a part of a style statement.

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